If i have a text box with 6.

Loh: Bprompt, Ah okay. I was just a little concerned since i remember when i first heard about stylish in the past, people were talking about possible security risks. Something about some styles people sharing being able to use executable code using something to do with XBL or something? Although I’m probably overthinking since it was approved by mozilla to be an addon, plus there doesn’t seem to be any problem with the addon itself, just some

Noviello: Of the people sharing malicious code. However, my knowledge is very limited when it comes to things like this.

Fenton: God_Crimlo: keep it on topic please. If you want to help with Bootstrap, then head to ##bootstrap. I’m sure others would appreciate it

Bogner: Konigsforst: hmmm you could, download styles to Stylish, or you could just write yours for your own use, is up to you, so, you don’t have to use anyone else’s css for it, you could, but you don’t have to

Dileo: Bprompt, Good point. Anyway, thanks for helping me out. I think i will give stylish a shot.

Prabhakar: Konigsforst: I mean, the same security issue would be present if you were to use someone else’s css and copy/paste it in userstyles.css as well

Vanscyoc: Bprompt, I know, That’s why i generally don’t like to use code i can’t understand myself. Although sometimes that’s tricky to avoid.

Petitti: Konigsforst: if you are suspicious about your chaffeur, seems to me you may want to brush up your driving lessons =

Mannie: Ok, thanks guys. i’ll ask and maybe you guys can tell me if its offtopic

Jindra: Bprompt, Well, i found the source code on github, so that’s good news. Anyway, thanks again, I appreciate the help :. Hopefully I’ll work out.

Fenton: Dodobrain: if it’s of the format “How do I do X in Bootstrap?” it’s offtopic :

Krider: Ah man. thats what i was gonna ask. i have a 3 col layout of which i want to enable the rightmost to be hidden

Truont: Ahemm *cough* he who has reservations about the chauffeur, could use a brush up on driving lessons *cough*

Cothran: Reminds me of “driving Ms daisy” =

Desanty: Bprompt, I told you i agreed with that statement lol. It’s true. The main addon being open source is just a plus since it’s a little more re***uring.

Daleus: Konigsforst: actually, that was a hint for disatisfied frameworksbootstrap users =

Ink: Bprompt, Ah, i see :. Hey, while I’m here, how hard would you say it is to learn css? I know the answer would vary and be subjective, but I’m quite interested. Currently, I’m learning python, which is quite fun. css, seems like it would be a fun thing to learn too.

Montville: Konigsforst: well, css is a markup language, if you know python I ***ume you don’t yet, I don’t see any issues with it, is not like css has lexical scoping or namespace collisions it iterators, it’s just markup

Marcaida: Konigsforst: now and then I read some folks saying, “I know C or C++ and this or that, but this css is just . so.” well, to me, if css is giving them such a time, that simply means they do not C or C++ or whatever else they claim, they’re simply “acquainted” with the language, which is not the same as knowing the language

Retka: Do not know that is, hmm shoot got a few typos =

Harju: Konigsforst: but css is just markup, nothing really big in itself

Cicalese: Bprompt, not fluent might be another word. I can see what you mean. I’m still fairly new to python, so i definitely don’t know it completely, but I’m enjoying what I’ve learned so far. I think one of the best ways to learn things like this is to find a problem, and try to solve it with programming.

Wigren: Except C++ has nothing to do with CSS, so fluency in one has nothing to do with fluency in another

Wigren: In fact, i’ve had more trouble with people who think because they’re “developers” that don’t immediately understand CSS, that CSS itself must be wrong/bad

Wiborg: What does it mean, if in chrome dev console, computed style property is grayed out?

Popick: It affects the element, but when i try to find where’s it coming from, i can’t since it is gray and does not allow following

Sabado: If i have a text box with 6 chars, is there a way to add a bit of padding between the 3rd and 4th?