Idk how to explain.

Accardo: Http://

Kole: Brzuchalski, I mean, all was good, just the text “stuff drops out” should be on the blue div

Small: Brzuchalski, in your last version the text is, but the blue boxes dropped down, which they should not :/

Veneman: Javahorn: color. you still don’t have color. you need color. color is what you need

Nazir: Reisio: Veneman : without target it does not open up in new browser!

Brzuchalski: Anotheryou: like this?

Buckmiller: Any suggestion for new browser and color as well? where i should put color:red ?

Gruben: Javahorn # how’d you get what you have without knowing the answer to that question?, Resources to help you get started:

Soto: Brzuchalski, yay, yes : I hoped to get around the wrapper, but it will do. thank you so much :

Hatt: I put color:red , but it has no effect .

Delhierro: Javahorn, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Tippet: Veneman:

Veneman: Javahorn: where’s the style=””?

Veneman: There’s no opening “, color:red isn’t an attribute. what are you doing?

Veneman: You can’t just make things up and expect the browser to know what you mean

Batters: There is one style , i should put that after style?

Veneman: No, it should go _inside_ the style.

Veneman: Because it’s a _style_

Bawa: Ok, but i have one style, should i have another style ONLY for red?

Veneman: What happens when you try it

Veneman: And you don’t have any style right now, this is completely invalid

Veneman: Javahorn: wait, i just realized. why do you have a in your CSS?

Riise: Veneman: can i take it offline?

Cantv: I added style=”color:red”

Veneman: Where? i don’t see it

Summy: The text comes as red but now underline goes missing

Steach: Veneman:

Veneman: Javahorn: i repeat, why is there a a href=”” in your CSS?

Veneman: It’s in the CSS box. there is a different HTML box

Pico: I am doing css first time and this one is in propertiary tool with bootstrap and other loads

Mchugh: So for one feature i am adding this for hyperlink

Veneman: Http:// – your paste is HTML. so it goes in the HTML box.

Frilot: Veneman: Please tell me adding style at one place obscures other style

Kimpel: Oh that way, let me correct that

Veneman: It’s also INVALID HTML, because there is no opening quote on the style=

Veneman: Http:// – voila. now it is at least _valid_

Veneman: Oh, no wait, there’s a spurious ;

Watchman: Brzuchalski, Thanks. I understand now. nth-of-type worked whereas nth-child didn’t.

Hafen: Veneman: where we go?

Veneman: The one that isn’t inside of any attribute

Lineweaver: Veneman: solid #FF0000; — this bit?

Veneman: HTML tags consist of a name and attributes. the name is the thing just after the “”. attributes have names and values, separated by =, with values enclosed in double-quotes. a href=”#” is a valid tag. a color:red is not. a style=”color:red” ; is also not valid

Veneman: This is all covered in the first chapter of every single HTML tutorial

Biviano: Any idea on how I can keep the ‘as fast as’ line the same length with double-digit times?

Bohley: Er, the line shifts over when its ’10’ at the start

Yehle: Idk how to explain lol