Iaj: Bootstrap is a.

Eddins: Bambanx: http://codepen.io/Eddins/pen/iwuqf

Eddins: Bambanx: you can remove this line to see the change transform rotate0deg

Straube: Anyone willing to help debug a CSS/HTML nav bar i built

Semrad: Just need a quick debug

Gambrill: Guess this site is dead

Gillilan: Jonthegray, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Nakahara: The nav bar, when u click brands, u cant click thrive. thrive doesnt take you anywhere

Fusselman: The first link under brands is set to #

Dosal: Which is okay, but the second link is to a live page

Eddins: Jonthegray: you have no doctype

Vicoy: For the whole site u mean?

Elek: Is that cuasing the problem though?

Lagrone: Yea i dont think thats causing the issue though, anyone else able to help?

Eddins: Jonthegray: it’s something you need to fix

Eddins: Your issue is the use of focus

Eddins: When you click elsewhere, the original a loses focus

Seibert: Right so clicking the link Thrive, unfocuses the orignal anchor causing the sub nav to go away? im i getting that right?

Eddins: Jonthegray: that’s right

Eddins: The :focus is not persistent

Wedderspoon: So how do i fix that?

Eddins: Jonthegray: by working out another way to activate the drop down

Eddins: Or, not using a drop down in the first place

Schmied: When designing a website, which max resolution do you guys stick to?

Schmied: Should 1920×1080 be sufficent?

Rahaim: I was rather hoping for a solution that didnt require redoing everything. no way to tweak this. i followed a video tutorial to do this and only tweaked things for size of bar and names of items

Mynhier: Iaj: It depends, is the design gonna be responsive?

Adamczyk: Ur talking to a web developing neb

Schmied: Falconi: Yeah responsive design, bootstrap

Push: Has bootstrap now become synonymous with responsive design

Stoudamire: Iaj: Are you building the site for a company or just for yourself? If you got time and it’s just for learning, I’d recommend you not to use Bootstrap

Schmied: Isnt bootstrap one way to reach responsive design

Schmied: Falconi: well it actually is for a company and they already got bootstrap integrated. what’s wrong with it?

Schmied: Is 2560 width for images a good guideline?

Mathieson: Jonthegray: try changing your selector from “.nav-item:focus ~ .nav-content { .” to “.nav-item:focus ~ .nav-content, .nav-content:hover { .”

Emerald: My computer restarted

Califf: Onthegray: try changing your selector from “.nav-item:focus ~ .nav-content { .” to “.nav-item:focus ~ .nav-content, .nav-content:hover { .”

Kapichok: Jonthegray: try changing your selector from “.nav-item:focus ~ .nav-content { .” to “.nav-item:focus ~ .nav-content, .nav-content:hover { .”

Peer: That way the menu will be open when the button is clicked AND when the mouse is over the menu that’s just been open, even if the button is no longer focus, which is what happens when you try to click on something else

Soderholm: I see, ill give it a try soon as DW opens up again

Push: Wow. i thought using a tilde inside of a selector was some space age **** that we need to wait lightyears for all of the browsers to come around on

Phlieger: Whaaat? IT’s been around and supported for a really long time.

Peraha: Do people keep up with their browser support knowledge?

Ramaker: AMcBain, Outlook not so good.

Stratton: Iaj: Bootstrap is a framework, and nowadays one of the most popular meaning it reaches a lot of users, and that sounds good at first instance but if you think it trough that’s just a way to include a lot of features/code too keep satisfying those people, code you are most likely never going to use, so you’ll end with a lot of lines increasing the size of your project for no reason. Bootstrap is a good short-term solution, to create quick pages, but if