I wind up with some.

Vanner: I think this is normal? but how do i make it so it doesnt

Riffel: Do i use positioning of divB?

Pettie: I tried to make change the margin of divB but it doesn’t change anything

Corker: Not a css expert unfortunately

Veneman: Frenchiie: float is an option

Veneman: Positioning is another option

Veneman: Cxeq: seems to work for me

Veneman: Protomega: not with css, only with javascript

Boneta: Hmm. I’d be okay with that, I’ll ask down in ##javascript.

Riegle: Veneman: try resizing the window, etc

Riegle: It is meant to stretch to height but go off screen horizontally

Veneman: What’s the etc? be specific

Veneman: Cxeq: what’s this parallaxify thing doing? could it be influencing the behavior of background-size: cover?

Palone: Veneman: how would float fix the issue though? if the div is taking the entire width, wouldn’t using float just make it move along it’s width? i am trying to make it align horizontally with the other elements in divA.

Veneman: Frenchiie: did you try it?

Seibel: Ah no, just looking at floating examples online

Veneman: Cxeq: your body tag has an explicit pixel height too

Riegle: If I change it to 100% the image doesnt show up at all

Veneman: Cxeq: because html needs height 100% too

Riegle: Veneman: as far as I can tell it still doesnt want to stretch off screen, atleast to the left

Riegle: Isn’t it anchored to the left side

Durocher: Veneman: well floating it to the left works, in the sense that it is aligned horizontally with the other elements but it’s too far to the left. What is the best approach to make it closer to its elements to the right?

Krammer: I did it with positioning left by 28% but is there a better method?

Veneman: Cxeq: http://jsfiddle.net/8yz0zkk2/ working fine

Mccoulskey: Frenchiie, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Riegle: Your example is anchored to the left too

Veneman: What? that’s what cover does

Riegle: See my http://www.casumon.com/viewport/px2.html

Riegle: How can it parallax if its anchored to the left

Veneman: That’s javascript, not css

Riegle: So is there not a way to make the image stretch to height but go offscreen horizontally with css?

Veneman: That parallax javascript is using background-position to do what it’s doing

Riegle: And anchor in the middle

Veneman: Yes, that’s what background-cover and background-position does

Veneman: You never said you wanted it to be in the middle until just right now

Veneman: Cxeq: for example http://jsfiddle.net/8yz0zkk2/1/

Riegle: Ok so its definitely js then

Caporali: Is it true that no one understands css?

Croker: It’s ok, no one actually understands css.

Toussand: That’s what someone just told me

Borom: CSS like most other technologies is an evolving field, so I suppose that nobody can every truly understand it

Borom: But that seems more like something a back-end developer would say :p

Eadens: I can’t style a web page and i’ve been trying to learn programming for years

Rud: Is there a place where i can pair up with an experienced dev for free?

Eddins: People say all sorts of things

Tays: Emarlan, Resources to help you get started: http://hashcss.com/schools/

Eddins: If you’re interested

Keathley: I want to become a full stack web developer

Borom: I wind up with some ridiculous cl*** names when i’m deprived of sleep