I want to add a meta tag to.

Favuzzi: Is there a way to get the width of a sibling element in CSS, so that a width: calc100% – siblingWidth; can be done?

Gallman: Mezod: No, that’s not possible.

Bonham: Tandroid: and a way to tell an elem “just fill what’s left of the parent elem” ?

Legan: Tinytoast: Lol, ok i removed float, and added inline-block but dont fully understand the pseudo part?

Lorkowski: CustomServerSpac: i forgot to have you add #nav ul { text-align: justify; }

Linton: CustomServerSpac: don’t worry about understanding i’m too tired to explain but just copy all of that in and you’re good to go :

Bainbridge: Mezod: you might be able to get close with flexbox. I’m not sure though.

Lingner: I’m having trouble creating a logo. It’s two words, I want the first word top-aligned with the 1st letter double height, and the second word underneath it, right-aligned to the end of the 1st word

Lingner: I’ve put the whole thing in a div, the 1st letter in a div, and the 2nd word in a div

Kosmicki: Tinytoast: looking good so far, i feel like i’m missing something

Lingner: Every “straight-foward” way I’ve tried to do this, just doesn’t work everywhere

Renker: CustomServerSpac: i think everything should be there. i just reread everything i said and it’s all there. your menu links should be nicely spread out now.

Renault: Lingner: I don’t recommend making logo’s in css. But, if you do want to do it we might be able to help but can you create a live example?

Lingner: Working on a fiddle right now

Lingner: Http://jsfiddle.net/8xqeL9jt/ something like that

Lingner: But that’s all too forced

Lingner: My first attemtp was to just set lineheights and font-sizes and try to vertical-align: top the first word, and then text-align: right the second word and let things just flow, but that didnt’ work

Lingner: Http://jsfiddle.net/8xqeL9jt/1/ uppercased, I forgot

Grossberg: Tinytoast: i’ve done all of that except the “psuedo element: #nav1 ul:after { content: “”; display: inline-block; width: 100%; }” i don’t see where to place that, i’ve inserted it under #nav1 ul but it has changed nothing

Lingner: I’d like to be able, if possible to do it without specifying actual widths or offsets, just let the natural font kerning do it for me

Lingner: The excepting being using lineheight and/or font-size of the 1st word to help vertically position the 2nd word

Gaub: CustomServerSpac: stick that last bit at the end of the file. might be something conflicting there but not sure.

Lingner: But I was thinking it should be possible to just make the logo box div sized by the first word and just position the 2nd realtive to that, bottom-right

Stodder: Lingner: A little closer maybe: http://jsfiddle.net/8xqeL9jt/2/

Vanslyke: Then use line-height and padding/margin to space the words

Lingner: Yeah, that’s a lot closer

Lingner: How to get the 1st letter top to be at the same position as the rest of the word?

Wolkowiecki: Tinytoast: http://prntscr.com/94nzdy is what i’m seeing now

Lingner: Http://jsfiddle.net/8xqeL9jt/3/ looking good, but why is there still space at the top and bottom inside the box?

Leavigne: That’s because of the line-height

Lingner: How much does line-height extend above?

Lingner: I thought if line-height and font-size were the same they’d fit w/out any extra

Mazuera: Lingner: It’s kind of confusing but I think this answer explains it well. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12414018/css-line-height-property-larger-than-font-size-property

Lingner: Interesting. that’s what I was already guessing to be the cause

Lingner: A ligature is what extends below the line, right? what do they call something that goes above?

Lingner: Eg, a diacritic or accent

Blaize: Well thanks for the attempt then.

Dunt: I want to add a meta tag to a stylesheet. However, this stylesheet is a SCSS file. Is it still ok to add this at the top of the file?