I tried child selectors,.

Endries: Why when I p*** #{$var}n to Neat’s omega mixin does it fail to do the clear: left? http://codepen.io/anon/pen/qOwaGp

Brak: Do u happen to know what ios version 5 was last on ?

Crumpacker: C0nundrum: probably could find it in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_version_history

Pongkhamsing: I wish chrome emulator would pick up stuff like this

Gavitt: I can’t buy ever device just for website testing x.x

Endries: Looks like it may be due to this conditional: https://github.com/thoughtbot/neat/blob/master/app/***ets/stylesheets/grid/_omega.scss#L82

Sifontes: Browsershots doesn’t include mobile ?

Demaree: And it doesn’t include safari x.x

Crumpacker: C0nundrum: emulators will always be limited

Crumpacker: Most notably because they can’t emulate other rendering engines

Weckenborg: Well they could at least emulate supported css :/

Crumpacker: C0nundrum: no, that’s based on the rendering engine

Jimerson: Hey, can anyone help me figure out why the sprite for #actionbar .share .icon and #actionbar .library .icon aren’t working but #actionbar .action_item .icon is? https://varmag.com/editorial/margaux-by-matt/ ~ http://imgur.com/a/wDkBM ~ NSFW https://jsfiddle.net/w6dvum14/

Feddersen: Hi, i need someone good enough to help me in css, pm me

Mariscal: Having trouble trying to put a fixed dismissable alert bootstrap in my site.

Shapskinsky: Anybody can take a look?

Aguinaga: Www.nexion.com.ar:3000

Macisaac: Dannymichel: you make a testcase with the dummy image site i told you to use?

Orsino: Will someone help me with vertical-align?

Barclift: I have an li that has an icon to the left of the text, and I want to align the text vertically centered to the icon. i can never freakin figure out vertical align stuff

Smalling: Z1haze2, How CSS ‘vertical-align’ works: http://christopheraue.net/2014/03/05/vertical-align/ http://phrogz.net/css/vertical-align/index.html

Roeder: Z1haze2: think of this

Roeder: It must be somehow inline

Roeder: Inline, inline-block or table-cell

Jaramillo: I just never know what to apply the rule to

Roeder: All the other stuffs need paddings, line-height e some weird calculations that will not do well with mobile resizing and stuff

Roeder: In your case, just set both as inline-block and add vertical-align: middle

Tulloch: I’m trying to understand why this layout is the way it is: http://plnkr.co/edit/iWgqRMKpZNH1blOia57v?p=preview

Equiluz: I don’t understand why the .content-pane-child overflows the .content-pane

Maizes: Surely it should take the height of its parent, which has an explicit height.

Luttenegger: Tinystoat i just fixed it by doing the CSS inline

Higson: If you have a div w/ js & pointer-events: auto nested in an anchor w/ pointer-events: none is there a way to make a click on div not bubble to the anchor?

Easly: Is there a way to make absolutely positioned elements expand to fit their contents

Rinke: What’s a good 3 column layout for responsive design – how should the third column collapse?

Herbst: Jeffreylevesque: that seems like it would depend on a lot of unknown factors.

Herbst: Jeffreylevesque: like, what type of content is in the column?

Lozoya: Http://cheesetoast.co.uk/demos/responsive.html

Malizia: Is there any particular reason you’re not keeping heights the same?

Letlow: I have ulliulli/li/ul/li/ul. Is there any way in css to affect only the top level Li elements and not the ones below it without giving every li element a cl***?

Crumpacker: Letlow: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Child_selectors

Letlow: I tried child selectors, for some reason its still affecting the lis within the second level UL