I thought it was like .

Rega: Is there some way of getting automatic hyphenation with css?

Rega: Not talking about soft hyphens now

Lodrigue: Motoservo, http://jsfiddle.net/fcmaw8et/4/

Lodrigue: Anli, use html lang=”en”

Lodrigue: And after that use -moz-hyphens: auto;

Lodrigue: Also -webkit-hyphens and so on .

Buckalew: Can’t tell yet what I’m supposed to learn from this example, Lodrigue bare with me. :

Woelfle: I removed the transition from the top and nothing changed.

Lodrigue: Motoservo, this is better http://jsfiddle.net/fcmaw8et/5/

Rega: Lodrigue: tried with lang=”sv” with no luck

Rega: Chrome, I added -webkit-hyphens as well

Lodrigue: Its not fully implemented yet in webkit.

Meray: I haven’t used jsfiddle before. Should I be able to manipulate these styles to see the effect?

Mcnicholas: Ah, just saw your question. Actually, was on Safari.

Lodrigue: Motoservo, yes, just press the “RUN” button after the changes

Rega: Seems like firefox did a good job

Rega: I got hyphenation, must try in IE

Lodrigue: Anli, yeah ff works properly with it

Rega: How can chrome be behind like that?

Rega: Can I specify multiple languages to enable hyphenation for both swedish and english?

Rega: Some product names are in english

Lodrigue: Span lang=’en’/span should work

Rega: Still only one lang, interesting that lang can be used for elements not being html

Rega: Seems to be a shortcoming that only one language can be specified

Rega: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12150369/define-multiple-languages-in-html

Legerski: Hi everyone : I have a problem with flexbox, I would like to understand why the last item of the second line is not stretched in height : http://codepen.io/anon/pen/BoKVVV

Lodrigue: Motoservo, a better testcase: http://jsfiddle.net/fcmaw8et/7/

Lodrigue: Renkineko, because you have align-items: baseline rule defined

Panda: Mmh. the align-items is on the flexbox and not on the child, makes sense. sorry ‘

Nagele: I think I paste the flexbox declaration some days ago and forgot to ****yze what’s in it

Lodrigue: Flexbox is always fun :

Kudlacik: Wow. Off-topic. But a car just slammed into another under my window I’m on the 5th floor in downtown LA and one is flipped over.

Penalver: So… got distracted there for a sec.

Willemsen: I have to go, thanks for the help :

Lenox: Well, the bigger picture to this, Lodrigue, what I’m actually trying to achieve, is to hover the list-style-image, which, I’m learning, isn’t in the spec. Though webkit does it just fine. Not sure how I’d get it to work with FF.

Guiao: In webkit I’ve got a transition from a darker image to a lighter one the hover. But the link itself stays the same.

Rheault: But no-go in FF. Which, I get. Since it’s not part of the official spec.

Lodrigue: Image is not supported for animation by spec.

Jeffs: Yeah, I’m seeing. And list-style-image even less likely. But works in Safari.

Stellfox: Any idea how I’d achieve that cross platform? JQuery, perhaps?

Lodrigue: There is a mouseover event, you can use eventhandler.

Dusenbury: I’ll start researching it.

Bernotas: Is there a way to center this ul the menu items no the language switcher: http://jsfiddle.net/vkywdabk/

Bernotas: Little more cleaner version: http://jsfiddle.net/vkywdabk/1/

Berentz: How can i say for CSS to apply to all table cells under table with name of ‘example’

Champaco: Sorry, cl*** of ‘example’

Lodrigue: Brandeland, http://jsfiddle.net/vkywdabk/2/

Callendar: I thought it was like table.cl*** td { //css }