I think i want neither.

Decristofaro: Hi. I have a language switcher with animation styles – it scales from 0 to 1 and vice versa. But in android browser it duplicates – I have two switchers. Anybody had similair problem?

Bundren: Http://webdevout.net/test if you need a host

Stephans: Http://dev.stereo.gl*** But it’s too complicated :

Bundren: Leporello: I’d like you to just strip it down to the switcher plz

Desautelle: Leporello, a pared-down testcase is a page that isolates the problem with the minimum required markup, styling and scripting. See paste for services that easily let you create such testcases for others to see.

Bundren: Also, I take it, given what you linked to, that you mean carousel ☹

Akery: Nemo, it’s quite complicated so I just asked if anyone had problem with duplicated elements in damned android browser.

Bundren: Leporello: also, does the bug also happen on iOS, or on Firefox on Android? If so, maybe it is an issue w/ window size

Bundren: I’m guessing there’s no actual duplication, is just a positioning problem

Grines: Nemo, it positioned on left and on right too.

Bundren: Google did decide to break positioning, I’ve complained about that many times, but they extended this to their desktop chrome browser too

Kretschmann: IOs and ff on android, and even chrome worked.

Stagger: Nemo, chrome desktop works just fine.

Bundren: Leporello: well, dunno, w/o something to poke at, you’re not likely to get useful debugging

Sadiq: Hello, I am trying to make a zigzag border https://damejidlo-hackal.c9.io/new.html however background behind the pattern is white, is there a way to make it transparent?

Speidel: Https://jsfiddle.net/2tsm51dn/ here is the jsfiddle link

Peron: Can someone help me make this image stretch to the height of the browser but still extend off page

Thierauf: Http://casumon.com/viewport/px2.html

Codell: Hi there, I’ve been trying to vertically align 3 headers with no luck, can anyone help http://jsfiddle.net/3Lcw7fbg/

Bastille: I’ve even setup a fixed hight to see if that help, but still no luck

Wubbel: At worst, I’d like h3 to be at level with h1

Bundren: Cxeq: holy crap. why’d you use png for that image?

Bundren: It’s going to take forever to load

Campanile: Sorry only just exported it now

Bundren: Cxeq: 15 megabytes in size O_o

Bundren: Seems to maybe be low colour density, but still, kind of data that png doesn’t compress well. just use a jpeg

Bundren: Cxeq: use mozjpeg to get better quality/size results.

Bundren: Cxeq: ok. so, since you made this a background-image, your options are basically:

Bundren: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/background-size#Values

Bundren: Cxeq: or else javascript

Bundren: Cxeq: “cover” might be good enough

Bundren: Cxeq: if this is just intended as a site background, background-position: fixed probably would help too

Bundren: Although you could just use resynthesizer to make sure it tiles

Higuera: And then can I make it so it resizes to the height

Saroop: Sorry btw nemo, I uploading a new version smaller image now :!

Bundren: Cxeq: already downloaded it 😝

Chari: I thought halfway through so wont change file address

Bundren: I probably got a corrupted file then

Bundren: Hm. you have some JS there messing w/ position

Bundren: Presumably for some sort of diorama box effect w/ different layers

Bundren: You’ll want to take that into consideration in your appraoch then

Bundren: Cxeq: but, yeah, look over the options there in background-size – cover/contain are possibilities

Perlich: I think i want neither contain or cover