I know this is kinda design.

Fenton: Body data-page=”about” for example

Fenton: There is no CSS selector for the current URL, so you need another way to indicate what the URL is

Rochez: No, i’m afraid i can’t. that was my first solution to come to think of too.

Tramel: Eightfold: can’t think of any css only way but you could probably write some javascript to alter the css or cl***es

Kinnie: Then it’s javascript i supose

Zambelli: Hi guys. I am trying to do an animation like this http://s30.postimg.org/jyj0p0qox/image.gif but I am trying to do it with html and css only, and here is my attempt so far http://jstraight.com/1312/9 the thing is, I don’t know how to make that white area around the animation expand while it still follows the words like in the gif animation. Any logical thinker got some ideas here?

Leubner: Zagaza: white square with a css animation to do the basic scaling, then several animations for the text each with an initial delay to offset them?

Legalley: Looks like you’ve got the text part down

Haithcock: Mbm: yeah but the white square should kind of follow the words. it shouldn’t let the black background overlap the words. that’s what I’m afraid will happen if I just do a simple white square

Forro: Zagaza: II’d have probably set an animation between display:none and display:inline for the text and just let them wrap to the size of the container, white square animation on the container

Minner: Hmm. sry not sure I know what you mean

Hargrove: Let me see of I can sketch something up quick

Schlanger: However mbm. maybe the way I’ve set up that word animation makes it hard to mimic the gif animation? you know the animate left property of the word container

Deinert: Zagaza: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/qOgreQ/ . just setting up the animation on the lettering now

Rozzi: Can anyone help me figure out a weird CSS issue? I’m not seeing why it’s happening. View this page on a mobile width: http://han****properties.francesca-designed.me/

Huszar: If you scroll down to the ‘about’ section there is a pink box with bullet points with ticks

Lamphiear: For some reason the first icon is sitting above everything else and has loads of space around it?

Leflore: Here you have that chop effect mbm: http://codepen.io/danneniko/pen/ZbwKJR

Rytuba: I have logo and then buttons below it. How would one make then appear side-by-side ?

Waneka: Currently both are inside separate div

Mowrer: I use width: 100 vw; but still div exceed the border of page why is that? http://jsfiddle.net/u1pdhk8c/243/

Hyler: Ok, floats and display:inline

Hicken: Should i use overflow:hidden;

Cammarata: Zagaza: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/qOgreQ/

Juhas: Sry mbm internet bugged out

Jephson: Zagaza: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/qOgreQ/

Kelsoe: Thx gonna check, says loading. guess my internet is weird right now

Basner: Hmm seems awesome man

Wada: Gonna experiment with it a bit, thanks!

Carlsson: Zagaza: yeah you’re in sweden, land of highspeed gods. wtf? :

Kawell: I have a ‘holder’ div and a IMG tag in it. How can I let the image fit in it.

Kawell: There was some property for it.

Shanaa: Having the weirdest issue at***/index_animate.html – The page, on certain screen sizes, has this weird issue with being able to scroll to the right.

Grahm: And I cannot find/fix the cause

Barriault: Sry mbm my internet has been a pain in the ***

Vanoven: Hello. Cna somone help me figure out how to fix this overflow issue with autocomplete, demoed over here -http://jsbin.com/decamuyohu/edit?html,css,output

Bungo: The point is that the input-group-addon on the left is also expanding when I added those div to the bottom of the input

Graybill: I know this is kinda design question but it is technical question as well