I have divB along with some.

Wingard: Same although I could probably do better if the designs weren’t done by gfx designers ;

Hedinger: Oh, designing websites for clients/

Ruzich: Yeah the people I am working with at the moment seem to have no grasp on web standards

Gabino: But a web designer knows whats up

Murayama: But anyway, off topic

Frumkin: What are these online tests you speak of Chez?

Spindel: Logan0405, you could absolute position it?

Galon: Inside a div with overflow: hidden?

Stang: No idea parkit as I have never done any. I am sure you can find them with a little googling

Feiner: I tried doing overflow: hidden on the img tags not sure if that works though

Slocombe: You need to do it on the container

Hagwell: Why do you use a container?

Wengren: Hmm no that didnt work audlex

Duane: Can I ask an XPATH question here or is that going to **** people off religiously

Zitzmann: Im not sure though i dont care

Brzuchalski: You can try, not sure many in here will know xpath

Duane: Basically, something + and + ancestor:: not’ doesn’t work

Duane: Well, how would I select a button that has a parent div somewhere that has cl***=hidden? I want to select all buttons that are in a div c=hidden above them

Duane: In css instead of xpath

Duane: I’ll be greatful for any suggestion. I’ll upvote some cat pictures

Duane: But if I don’t get any help – no cat pictures get upvoted.

Nab: Chez: what should i google for?

Helvik: Duane: I’d have to reread the xpath docs.

Veneman: Duane: div.hidden button { . }

Duane: Cluelesscoder, thanks

Duane: Cluelesscoder, don’t worry about it. I’m going to post it on stackoverflow

Duane: Let the unix elders speak of it

Veneman: I just said how to do it

Stalford: Duane: are you a css wizard in general? i’ll trade you ;

Duane: The Who, CSS Wizard. Great song

Alsaqri: With jquery: $’#hidden.find’button’? or querySelectorAll

Craycraft: QuerySelectorAll’div.hidden button’ might work, as Veneman alluded to

Veneman: If you’re doing javascript, why are you in #css?

Tenamore: What’s wrong with the layout? http://jenniferkashyap.com/

Tsuzuki: Veneman: good point – but if he’s using xpath, I doubt he’s selecting for styling

Glisson: So I’m studying https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/height and I’m a bit confused about percentage heights – does their have to be a fixed height somewhere?

Wager: If my body element has no content but I have a div with children. percentages doesn’t seem to be working properly

Greiner: The_dabbler: not sure what the issue is?

Gardinier: On resizing the browser it behaves strange.

Yiu: Cluelesscoder: canvas should occupy 100%

Caparros: Cluelesscoder: but it doesn’t

Borell: Cluelesscoder: 100% of the window in any case

Veneman: The_dabbler: it has an explicit height/width attributes on it that overrides the style attribute

Edde: Veneman: what does that means?

Veneman: The canvas element has a height=”.” attribute and a width=”.” attribute that overrides the style=”height: 100%; width: 100%”

Heflin: The_dabbler, Chrome: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools :: Firefox: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools :: Safari: http://bit.ly/1rivUXd :: IE: http://bit.ly/1qbxkT5

Riegle: Hi, ccan anyone help me figure out why background-size: cover; wont work on this page http://www.casumon.com/viewport/px2.html

Laureno: Http://codepen.io/anon/pen/EVVjQX The big white space below the first two elements. Is there any way to fill that in with images?

Vallotton: I have divB along with some elementstwo inputs within divA. I would like divB to sit alongside these two elements but for some reason it takes the entire width of divA.