I have a gridster item.

Sabella: U think with difference white on top of red would be that turqoiseish blue

Bernotas: I am building a 1-pager in wordpress. Now there is a section below the fold of the website with some numbers on it.

Bernotas: I would like instead of static numbers that when the part of the page is visible for the user that numbers start counting dynamically. from 0 to their max.

Bernotas: That part is ok to code but how can I manage that is only show the ‘counting’ animation when that part is visible?

Duane: If my page is a flexbox, how do anchor a div container at the bottom? bottom:0px position:fixed ?

Hungerford: For some reason my “top” cl*** of my pricing table is getting stuck at a fixed height: http://dev.hendricksweb.com/other/code-examples/pricing-tables.html

Crunkleton: It was a clear:both issue. i still dont really understand wtf it does

Kammerer: A:link color not working

Antrobus: Z1haze: The .top cl*** has 40px padding at top/bottom which makes the element look like it has 80px height. The problem you got is that the text inside is floated to the left, meaning its container is not gonna use its size to calculate the height, just remove the float:left property and it should work you gonna get a bigger block, though

Haaland: I figured it out, just needed clear:both

Tritto: Found a perfect explanation for it as well, much clearer now

Tremblay: Basically just that when block elements are floated, they resize to fit their content, ie why my div was shrinking

Domagala: Z1haze: When elements are floated they behave like they were extracted from it’s container and they were brought to the front, once that happens the content below is moved upwards because the space used by the floated element now is gone. In cases like yours in which the container doesn’t have more elements besides the floated ones it won’t render any height or it will just render the padding in case it has some

Gugino: I never thought I could explain myself that good in English, haha. I think I’m gettin’ better!

Natividad: Im building a long single page website that only scrolls down

Nees: But for some reason I cannot scroll down

Schroyer: I have content below another div this div covers the main viewport

Chwieroth: But i can’t scroll down to see it

Teed: Why does this page lose all it’s form styling around the CTA area in the top section in firefox but looks fine in chrome/safari? https://autolotto.com/6

Scrimpsher: Does it have to do with SSL – site makes use of a SHA-1 Certificate; it’s recommended you use certificates with signature algorithms that use hash functions stronger than SHA-1.

Veneman: Why would it have to do with ssl?

Howeth: Not that, mixed content error- sorry.

Rubenzer: Just in case content was loading due to mixed content error

Minalga: Btu looks like that’s only a warning, not a block

Veneman: Though you should absolutely correct it

Hoeschen: Http://i.imgur.com/Q3nLm6E.png

Oreilly: All styles are missing there, preaction

Mcgohan: Vs in chrome/safaroi http://i.imgur.com/2mMML92.png

Veneman: See, around me, CTA means Chicago Transit Authority

Veneman: You could also say “The email form in the top green section”

Saputo: Div.fca_eoi_form_wrapper

Kates: You’re right. that’s my bad.

Veneman: Don’t use input type=”submit”, use button type=”submit” type=”submit” is the default even

Deshazo: But do you know the issue with styling?

Veneman: No. you’re going to have to make a testcase

Tingle: Fair enough, still trying to find out what’s wrong

Marmolejos: In order to create test case

Veneman: You remove stuff that isn’t related. it isn’t about what’s wrong, it’s about what’s irrlevant

Peppler: I have a gridster item within which I am putting some controls , but they are overflowing the container. how to shrink them to fit the container or expand the container to fit contents