I have a div with some.

While: Nemo: i am checking but it is not for twitter for example

Uphoff: Do you get yellow background on inputs?

Headen: Mezod: could you link me to a site it is happening on?

Headen: Mezod: I dislike chrome rather much, but as I said, I can fire it up if you give me a site to look at

Dondlinger: I’m trying to find one

Cotto: Nemo: yeah i’m also a ff user. but requirements are requirements hehe

Headen: Mezod: http://webdevout.net/test

Headen: Mezod: well, *testing* in chrome is another matter

Headen: Also test in safari, IE.

Kofford: What do you want me to do with that site?

Headen: Mezod: make me a demo page with an input

Headen: Where you see yellow.

Schnake: I tried creating inputs there but they don’t appear in yellow

Headen: Mezod: could it be the type of input?

Elliem: For some reason, there, the default style from user agent is background-color: white;

Headen: Number, file input etc

Dysinger: Nemo: it could let me try

Hauenstein: Nemo: hmm no, maybe it’s a local setting i have

Scicchitano: Hmm weird, but then i should see it everywhere and it only happens there lol

Headen: Reduced testcase time

Headen: Strip page down to minimum necessary to reproduce the effect

Headen: Http vs https? input type? some site stylesheet?

Headen: Random JS being random?

Headen: Background-image: yellow.png? ☺

Headen: Maybe try different chrome profile? perhaps is some addon.

Apadoca: Nemo, got time for one more question hopefully quick?

Headen: Helpmeplease: sure, but I hope it is one that indicates you actually started on the schools link 😝

Mccree: Nemo: i promise i’m looking into those. I’m just doing this for my father in law. he keeps changing what he wants.

Nobbe: And isnt paying me for it :

Trusillo: Nemo: all I want to do now is lock the red header bar in place and have the main text scroll under it

Mccarvill: So the menu, logo, and header bar is what you see

Ginns: Nemo: thanks for your time btw, I’ll see if I can find whats wrong

Porreca: I cant figure out which .main-navigation is my red header bar and how to make it fixed on the page, anyone? site: www.toxusa-labs.net

Sept: Hey guys. I’ve got a media query that resizes an iframe video component. The resizing works locally. but when I upload the updated code to my web host, it doesnt seem to work.

Folland: The video is located at http://www.xnizstudio.com at the bottom of the page

Kawski: Input:-webkit-autofill { -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 0px 1000px #fff inset; }

Siverly: Nemo: apparently chrome only does that for inputs whose value it remembers, such as a “remember p***word” thingie

Headen: So. that seems like the sort of thing you wouldn’t want to override?

Headen: But I guess that explains “autofill”

Barrientez: They could have chosen a yellow that doesn’t make your eyes fall off

Marchi: Hi, I’m trying to get the footer of this site http://www.healthxplore.com/ fixed to the bottom. I was following this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23275954/keeping-the-footer-at-the-bottom/23276595#23276595 but still couldn’t get it right. the wrapper cl*** seems to overlap the footer cl***. Can anyone help ?

Heiney: How can I remove transparency from an iframe?

Wommack: Hi, I have this code http://pastebin.com/WqJVNZQg , but not show me correctly the map: http://www.xmarket.marketingromania.ro/contacteaza-ne

Crumpacker: Wommack: might want to ask in ##javascript or ##php

Standlee: I asked this question last night didnt get an asnwer

Arjune: I have a div with some sizing in px or em that will expand on browser zoom UP TO the specified max-width/height %. The div has a text inside of it that has a font-size specified in em. The text keeps increasing after the div reaches its max height/width and it overflows out of it. I dont want to use the css overflow property but i want to make it stop growing, how do i do this?