I guess you only want it.

Ozols: Does it matter if it’s bootstrap?

Kristoff: Hmm. Then I guess Bootstrap was moved into this app.css file from the actual file.

Rey: It does look like Bootstrap was merged with the application’s custom style.

Firpi: Oh.I might have put a few things down at the bottom

Mylar: Hello good people! Who could step up to help a newbie coder with some CSS on my site to change a few things?

Balque: Hi, quick dumb question about Bootstrap. Inside a .row, can I use something like ul cl***=”col-xs-5″ directly? or should I wrap it in a div cl***=”col-xs-5″?

Crumpacker: TheOm3ga: might have better luck in ##bootstrap

Quiterio: I have a question on logo placement and a fixed header in my theme. I am trying to move the logo from the center of the page to the top left corner and also have the logo and menus be fixed. Can anyone help me out? Site: www.toxusa-labs.net

Donaway: Helpmeplease: position: absolute; or fixed

Brownfield: I want the menus and logo to scroll with the page

Gerache: I thought you were asking a question byt you were answering one

Chiapetto: Arrested development reference!

Fedie: How can i use 3 cl***es for same properties?

Pizzitola: Stevenix_: Do you mean that the rule should apply to any elements with any of the three cl***es?

Dwyar: If you do, the selector should be: .first-cl***, .second-cl***, .third-cl***

Kolnik: This will target any element with any of those cl***es.

Blakeway: I was tying to do this – .b1,.b2,.b3 a { color:#FFF; text-decoration:none; font-size:22px; }

Edenholm: The comma separates entire selectors. You would have to do: .b1 a, .b2 a, .b3 a

Endries: This can “also” be solved by preprocessors.

Muscat: Worked : thank you so much

Bania: No problem stevenix_. :

Mealing: Can anyone help me with some custom CSS to change the logo position to the menu bar in the header and make the menu header scroll with the page? Site: www.toxusa-labs.com Yes, I know the site isn’t good

Simonin: Am here on chat after a long time, now i won’t go anywhere

Ferrara: Hehe sounds good stevenix_.

Piccillo: Helpmeplease: The site is not working.

Vesco: Sorry. www.toxusa-labs.net

Nikula: Haven’t pointed the .com to it yet.

Dufer: Helpmeplease: So do you want the logo next to the navigation bar or what?

Bolman: Have you tried anything yet?

Foushee: I have tried adding some lines in the Custom CSS, but nothing has really worked

Ruiter: I don’t know if its my theme or I just am bad at design

Latiker: Most likely the latter

Gladysiewski: I think you have to divide width to 20% for logo and 80% for menu

Ronchetto: By the way, you might want to move the padding on the navbar li’s to their contained a’s.

Tatsak: Try hovering under the text that is is the navbar items.

Seastrand: Those areas are not clickable.

Galindez: But what do I need to add to make it stay at the top?

Holdridge: I’m super confused when it comes to CSS

Teng: Always do it step by step it removes confusion

Moulin: Okay, so first step would be to change under .main-navigation li?

Solon: No, that’s unrelated.

Tabios: To make it stay at the top of the screen, you’ll want to set #site-navigation to position: fixed;.

Carlsen: Then you’ll need to make it get the correct width somehow.

Engen: In my style.css I dont have #site-navigation

Giffith: Is that what you mean?

Jacobo: Backup your file and play with the code you will surely understand a lot doing some experiments

Mierow: I guess you only want it when the viewport is wide enough for the menu to show all the time, right?