I could pad the container.

Coutts: ThePolarCat: wrong channel

Guerreiro: Sorry about that, I’m new to weechat!

Murtagh: Even though the padding and margin is set to zero , why the menu bar is not touching the top of the browser or the left/right of the screen . http://pastebin.com/Dm3VDZug

Britts: Harpe: print CSS is a minefield of randomly implemented/badly implemented

Harpe: Well I need to generate invoices. and I need to use _something_

Lema: Does anyone know how to get s*** to expand expressions inside of calc?

Lema: As an example, $ms3: 1.782px;font-size: calc$ms3-2px; outputs CSS containing font-size: calc$ms3-2px; where I’d expect the calc expression to be 1.782px – 2px

Lema: Looks like font-size: calc#{ms1} – 2px; works, but that seems weird -.-

Coutts: Https://github.com/s***/s***/issues/818

Lema: Interesting. Thanks, emerson

Lema: I tried Google before, I promise! 😀

Bloise: Hello all, I am trying to figure out how to make a table in a site without using an actual table.

Mullennix: Any references I can look at?

Giancarlo: Http://k2gremlin.com:8880/teams.html I need to clean up the code for this site. Its all over the place. But this is the result I want.

Volker: 4 logos across the top. next row would be hyperlinks for those logos.

Lurtz: Logos are same size. I can div them easily with a ul

Hartleben: No. don’t think in rows and columns. think in panels

Flakes: Ok 4 panels across. 2 panels down

Hartleben: 4 panels across, each containing a logo and the name/link

Sartorius: So have the link in the same panel as the individual logo. I was trying to do that for a few hours yesterday. However, One of the links is much longer then the rest and it really *****ed with my seperation between them.

Hartleben: They should all be equal. if the text wraps, it wraps

Barquera: I am going to take another crack at it right now. I am going to cut way down on the code use. I have a lot of redundency. Would you be willing to take a look in a little bit?

Hartleben: Ask the entire channel. if someone is here that can help, they’ll help

Haggin: Ok thanks. Moving forward, each logo + link per panel. Lets see if I can make that happen. One question, is there a way to get the link below the logo using CSS or something? I was trying br’s yesterday and yea. that didnt work lol

Zucconi: Can someone help explain why my padding-top doesn work? https://jsfiddle.net/34wths27/5/

Oczon: Under .navigation_tabs a

Lablanc: Padding-left and padding-right work fine

Hedemann: Padding-top and bottom don´t

Silverstone: Hernanez: they’re inline elements, is why

Iveson: Silverstone, shouldn´t it work with inline-block though?

Silverstone: Hernanez: they’re inline, not inline-block

Swelt: Ah, so I have to add display:inline-block to the a elements as well

Daisley: Or diplay:block for anchor

Reimann: Https://jsfiddle.net/6frncrcn/4/

Reimann: I want that the parent element embraces the footer element, too.

Reimann: And the footer element is a pseudo-element _of the children inside_

Reimann: I find it impossible without using fixed height and padding and such. – but this would not be a responsive or fluid solution

Reimann: Anyone want to try my challenge? :

Rakich: Reimann, it can’t, because you set top: 100%; so the :after will always be outside of .container

Holdaway: I’m not sure what you really want though.

Reimann: Rabenhorst: right, the :after will be outside the container – it actually should be below the content.

Friedenthal: Then why is it on .child and not .container?

Reimann: I could pad the container by the height of the footer and use negative margin on the :after to pull it back in – but then I need to know the exact height