I can’t be the only one.

Rybolt: Codytr, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Dambra: Codytr, a pared-down testcase is a page that isolates the problem with the minimum required markup, styling and scripting. See paste for services that easily let you create such testcases for others to see.

Borla: Sure here: http://saral-yatirim.com/

Roscioli: Codytr: what arrows where?

Witwer: Oh no some real estate mogul is making big money off of you

Robitaille: Tinystoat: Those showing down. Next to the “Emlak Durumu” or “Emlak Kategorisi”

Mathena: No its me : We are 3 in this office

Zeiser: I study Graphic Design in Sweden but not develope. Just design. Purchased that theme a couple of weeks ago. Doin some customizing.

Kazda: Oh you’re the other kind. the cheap business owner hehe okay. ; you want to look at relative positioning i think for the arrows https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/position

Gailliard: Sweden. that’s a nice place. stockholm was fun

Schauer: Sweden it’s fun when there is no cold around.

Mamo: Gothenburg has more soul. less uptight

Hemmelgarn: But When winter falls. god.

Mcqueeny: Yes it gets pretty cold 😀

Hunger: Tinystoat: where do you come from?

Meysembourg: Codytr: i come from the warm womb of my dear mother. it was nice and warm there but i don’t recommend it for a vacation if you’re looking for a good spot

Readnour: Bit noizy on top but who can complain when the food is free?

Klarr: We are coming from mutual place :

Driere: Are you my long lost brother?

Doerksen: Ahaha don’t think so. your developing skills are much furder.

Meinsen: But my turkish is pretty grim so we’re even there

Wengler: Codytr: not a word : kebab count?

Blomgren: Oh i know one word tammam

Sandelius: Is there any way to use inspector and see changes on a mobile device?

Ochakovsky: I’m having an issue on mobile only, and it doesn’t occur if I shrink my screen down, just on mobile devices.

Fondaw: CMFDesign: there’s either the responsive mode that are in browser inspectors or you’ll have to use a vm or the device itself

Mone: Way to misuse english tiwest

Orduna: Way to nick complete tinystoat

Wirf: Having an aspx site slowly scrolling down a div/gridview . untill it reaches the end . is that at all possible using css ? or do I need javascript/Jquery

Palladino: P3nnyw1se: that is not a styling issue. use javascript. why you want a scrolling site like that sounds awful for usability

Randell: Anyone else had the experience that mac browser render translateY differently than windows? I can’t get the same result for windows chrome and mac chrome

Tiangco: Http://www.wired.com/2015/11/i-turned-off-javascript-for-a-whole-week-and-it-was-glorious/?google_editors_picks=true

Kneuper: The thing I hate the most in web is those dirty popups when you first visit a website

Bailado: Http://boring.com/i-only-get-paid-if-i-churn-out-the-tripe/

Buccieri: I’ve had to make a few, i cringe and take their money

Brush: Tinystoat . because its a monitor screen with no user interactions. displaying a list of meetings . and it could be anything between 0-30 . and if its 20 . it doesn’t show the last 10 . so I want to scroll slowly downwards

Ringen: P3nnyw1se: i’m not sure why when the user can do that themself no?

Harleman: L-o-l: http://klintfinley.com/

Hymon: Because. its a monitor screen. hanging on a wall . at a receptions desk

Carosiello: P3nnyw1se: right. yeah use javascript

Anos: I can’t be the only one having translateY differences cross browser?