I am learning web design.

Allsup: It works in browser but not from file

Novitski: What does that mean not from file?

Novitski: I don’t see a rule like you said

Novitski: I see .navbar-inverse which sets #da291c

Brehm: Novitski: I mean when I add that rule doesn’t work, I didn’t add that rule on server, the link I gave you is test server, I was trying it on local

Bradd: Novitski: yes I want to set color to #da291c

Novitski: If i’m looking at a page that wasn’t modified at all, how am i supposed to see a problem?

Burbage: Novitski: I updated , probably you can check now?

Novitski: There’s no rule that tries to set the background color to red. the stylesheet of the admin area is different from the main page. you need to figure out your CMS

Walka: If I add background-color property in base file it works but if I inherit module and add this style in new file it doesn’t

Novitski: I can’t help with that

Novitski: Because that isn’t CSS

Buquo: Novitski: thanks for you time

Stealy: Novitski: found it thanks, it was another way to inherit website header, thanks a lot

Saum: How do i fill a page into two colors where one color is 100% of the viewport starting from the top, and then the next 100% is another color

Entrup: I’m not sure if that makes sense

Rawdon: I just see a lot of websites where they divide the content of a website in chunks as seen as each a partial or full 100% of the viewport

Apostol: I tried messing with the height of html by making it 100% and then having divs that are height 200% and 300% with different colors but that didn’t work.

Novitski: You’re overthinking it

Novitski: Https://jsfiddle.net/jw2f7sme/1/

Previte: Really need to read a css book after this

Specchio: Novitski, Resources to help you get started: http://hashcss.com/schools/

Orlander: Can someone help me figure out a css problem I’m having?

Santorella: It’s easier to help you if you just ask it. :

Wythe: My primary menu on this wordpress site loads floated left then pops over to the right seconds after page load

Radecki: Http://

Crom: The menu is supposed to be floated right I just can’t figure out why the menu start on the left

Couse: MalditoDev, it’s taking just long enough it seems like there’s an animation/transition on it.

Witts: Which would only take effect if a second value was set on it something to transition to.

Hepburn: I found a selector “#top-header, #et-secondary-nav” possibly around line 221 in main-styles.css that sets a transition on #top-header

Dusik: If you don’t need that, or if you want to see if that’s the cause, comment it out.

Hosfield: Or if not needed nuke it. :

Helmert: Gotcha! thank you I’ll try

Pooni: It could be so things move nicely when the viewport changes sizes, but I don’t know what frameworks/etc. you used so that’s up to you to tell me.

Roider: Hmm. If I make the window small enough it seems like someone turns off the transition anyway.

Hunnicut: Its the Divi wordpress theme from elegantthemes

Bonow: Lol, I think I made it worse

Bucchin: MalditoDev, if there’s still a transition being applied you can select it and apply transition: none; with a more specific selector.

Lobley: If removing the existing one didn’t help

Micheau: I tried to overwrite it with:

Venturelli: Seems like its even more delayed now

Tunnell: And its popping back and forth now LOL

Reel: I think some javascript is adding the transition after load and after stylesheet

Groeschel: I am learning web design.and i am looking at a quick example page a friend did for me a while back: https://jsfiddle.net/14r5akjj/