I am editing a WordPress.

Burham: Pam: thanks for your help. I understand why you used width: 0. https://jsbin.com/necazo/ : is that a browser bug . or?

Pam: Hendry, I used it because the flex setting should tell it to grow as large as it can excepting for the text so setting to zero would effectively not have any effect in a perfect world. However we don’t live in one of those and so without that, Firefox doesn’t apply the flex property values to the input properly or at all? resulting in the default width they calculate for inputs being used instead and it overflows the element.

Pam: Though playing around in Firebug on the page you just linked and removing the width: 0; seems to have no effect on the input. It may only apply when the parent element is smaller than the default width of the input.

Pam: As it would have been when inside the iframe viewer thing.

Pam: Xhd, greetings and salutations.

Aveado: Pam: I noticed the input doesn’t fill the label parent vertically, know what I mean?

Pam: It should if it’s display block.

Pam: It seems to fill here in Firefox.

Basiliere: Pam: tbh I noticed the problem on IOS9 safari. https://output.jsbin.com/necazo

Pam: Don’t know what to do about Safari then. You could see if it replicates in desktop Safari or Chrome and debug there.

Lapari: Quick question: i have this old cd with html articles

Cuervo: And i wanted to change the html pages to have a different style completely

Direnzo: Do i have to modify each and every one of them or is there a tool that can apply style to it ?

Conlogue: Rouhgly 10000 html files

Carnrike: Hi there, Im making a games website but i have an overflow in body which i need to get rid of as i want things off the page to be hidden. http://litegaming.net/website/layout.php is the website

Wilner: Is right to say: display: flex; justify-content: center; . is the “modern” way to center something ?

Pam: Hendry, not really. Unless you’re already using flexbox for something like vertical centering or with other elements in the same flex parent.

Harrellson: Starting to think i should be using a table. feedback from my wife says the labels need to be aligned

Kimmel: Does flex+tables a good idea?

Schrenk: Kinda hate to put a form in a table, but I’m running out of ideas

Folds: Why not seeing the border color http://codepen.io/aruprak****/pen/GpZbEw ?

Cefaratti: Omg https://pattle.github.io/simpsons-in-css/

Kuhnen: About 600 lines of css for just homer alone

Medved: Sort ****s that a lot of these are sorta browser-specific duplicates

Porres: Would this be shorter in svg?

Brownsworth: I have a simple issue

Blankenbeckle: I am not good at choosing the best color combination for any app

Naugler: I have no color design sense :

Gallenstein: Do you have a suggestion for me?

Juray: Eahmedshendy: Wikipedia has some pages that aggregates shades of some color, for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Shades_of_red

Norland: Xrash: I’m opening it right now

Schlag: Xrash: Sorry, I don’t know what I should do with this link. It is a full of colors, I don’t even know when to use some color.

Schreiber: Xrash: Or do you mean something I don’t understand?

Pesiri: Eahmedshendy: I find it useful when looking for some color. It helps so you don’t choose a “random” thing.

Goris: Mmm, got it. The problem is I don’t have the color sense, If I chooses a color, I don’t have the sense what color suits.

Birak: Does input:nottype=”checkbox” mean all inputs except checkbox?

Brzuchalski: If you add the around the selector, yea

Moochler: Yes, but the right syntacs is :noz

Streams: I am editing a WordPress theme. I would like to have that html tag should be at least as much as the viewport’s height. How can I achieve that?