How do you hide a form.

Lamberson: I dont know what is the css property makes this

Evanko: Direction: ltr probably

Buhlig: Page available to view?

Eaks: Swch it doesnt show 10- on that example, the idea of jsfiddle is to reproduce the problem so we dont have to imagine it

Moylan: Horris, anyway, the problem was direction affected by parent, even tough there were no conflict shown :/

Stanforth: Swch if you want help, you may need to provide a link with a reproducable sample of it, sorry.

Mcnolty: Solved. if you didn’t get it yet. thx

Anidi: What was it flipping it?

Belvin: Just wrote it, parent element

Coady: Swch a parent doesn’t necessary do that, it’s probably a css attribute being inherited by it.

Quivers: Never mind! it was just out of curiosity.

Vangyi: Sorry dumb question – how do i set a border back to browser default? border: auto and border: inherit doesn’t seem to do anything

Burich: Hmm that sets it to have no border

Shaddix: I want to set it back to browser default, e.g. on an input which a preceeding stylesheet you can’t edit has set to border: 0

Marrett: EdwardIII: concept doesn’t really exist sorry

Rodas: You’ll have to set it to what that has, then

Marrett: EdwardIII: you could strip the prev stylesheet in JS?

Marrett: Or drop it in serverside processing?

Marrett: EdwardIII: but, why are you so worried about browser default, why not defined a default border look that you think looks nice?

Marrett: EdwardIII: border: 1px solid #ccc or whatever

Stonich: Yeah i guess i’ll just do that

Croucher: It’s a payment provider so they’re pretty hardcore on not being able to edit the existing stuff but yeah i’ll just create my own style

Marrett: Http:// eh. can work ☺

Hodgeman: How can I alias an existing font?

Cocoros: Suppose I have some code that’s loading a font as “Foo-bar” but say typedeck or whatever provides it as “Foo bar”

Manderson: I basically want to setup an alias font-family

Brumbaugh: So my “Foo-bar” references would still work.

Kallman: And I don’t want to have to rename every occurence

Pannunzio: Reisio: is that the _only_ way though

Ballan: It’s a crazy simple way, though

Marus: Hi guys i want to change my menu bar from black to white but i cant find the the right css selector ?

Welton: Michael_mbp: what about it

Diven: Http://

Marrett: But I have no idea what typedeck is

Marrett: There’s also the generic aliasing of CSS variables, but that’s clunky and poorly supported and you’d still end up rewriting stuff.

Marrett: Https://

Schares: Dbaron: yeah so fontdeck is sending it over as a different name

Welding: To the name that’s in my SVG

Bartmes: As I exported the svg from Illustrator, and it’s using the version I have locally as a reference.

Attles: Http://

Mikell: So my SVG has font-face font-family=”ProximaNova-Semibold” units-per-em=”2048″ underline-position=”-251″ underline-thickness=”40″/

Magnifico: But Fontdeck calls it “Proxima Nova Semibold”

Corle: I suppose, I should just rename all occurences in the SVG.

Burgner: Nemo dbaron I just looked what fontdeck does

Ostrzyeki: It basically gets us to yank some JS, that loops over some JS objects

Ayling: How do you hide a form action in css? specifically google’s search bar in its new tab? i thought it was form#fkbx where fkbx is the cl*** id but that doesnt seem to be working