How do I prevent this? When.

Mullen: How do you move text down a little? I’ve tried setting margin-top without success.

Brzuchalski: Add padding to the parent

Brzuchalski: Or make the text inline-block and then add margin-top

Lauze: Http:// How do I style my column so that they start on the same line, margin-top 100px;

Muckleroy: Apparantly, I seem to be only able to style the first column.

Eddins: PickAndMix: debugging CSS from a screenshot is … difficult

Eddins: Link to a live URL displaying the issue

Guilfoyle: Eddins: I don’t have a live url for this though. I just preview it on google chrome you see.

Facello: PickAndMix, Preferred live pastebins:

Vanderkam: There won’t be those images. It would look funky I feel, but sure. Hold on

Kentner: Eddins: Piedrahita:

Stimer: Eddins: Piedrahita: css line 156 html line 49

Eddins: Why are some li empty? And why do others contain br and hr

Eddins: Did you do that just to create space/borders?

Eddins: Oh, I see – you put another li instead of /li

Ruple: Eddins: I’m trying to make a horizontal line below the text.

Rolfs: PickAndMix, CSS ‘border’ property:

Weick: I’m trying to accomplish something similar to this

Stoltenberg: Http://

Kleiman: Not similar, i’m trying to accomplish that lol.

Favieri: Eddins, Piedrahita, so do you have any idea how to do it?

Eddins: PickAndMix: ?

Eddins: I removed irrelevant things to your issue

Trowbridge: Eddins: I see, you basically made a clone of it am I right?

Eddins: A clone of what? I just fixed your HTML, then removed irrlevant bits

Eddins: Then adjusted your CSS

Sitsler: I get what you mean earlier, with the empty li

Marshburn: I was looking at the developer tool, and there were these empty li/li

Kaplun: Eddins: do you have any idea why are they empty li/li I can’t seem to find the problem.

Eddins: You had li instead of a closing /li

Hoop: Can this be shortened: border-top: 1px solid #E0E0E0; border-right: 1px solid #E0E0E0; border-bottom: 1px solid #E0E0E0;

Brzuchalski: Border: 1px solid #e0e0e0; border-left: none; i guess is shorter

Mrazik: How do i organize my messy css code into s***

Eddins: Pikaren: likely by organising the CSS first

Pam: Yeah I never quite saw the need for a new/modified syntax. If you’re working on something with multiple others and some of them are newer to dev or CSS pre-processors it’s great to be able to just write regular CSS if you so choose.

Echavarria: Hello. Is it possible to paint an outline just at the bottom of an element?

Nalbach: Swander: I currently have this: I would like to add a line below the “header” div. The line should look the same as the thing surrounding the outer div.

Breeze: Elirips

Rinebarger: Elirips:

Giardino: A hr would be more correct than a div cl***=”barline”

Arden: Oh, right, missed that :

Keal: Swander, Scot thanks for the hints

Franeo: Elirips: come back if you don’t understand something

Brune: Swander: I’m just playing around. What I would like to achive should look like this at the end:

Washman: How do I prevent this? When I click on the + it toogleSlides a div out, but makes the ajacent the same height also