How do i make the text in.

Topliffe: If i use overflow it will make a scrollbar to allow the text to keep expanding which is not what i want. I just want the text to stop getting bigger when the div stops getting bigger as specified by the max height/width

Wommack: Hi, is something wrong with my css? becouse th photos of the product not show oki.

Bauman: Isnt like this to use the same attribute value on several atributes ?

Eblin: Border-left, border-top, border-right: 1px solid black;

Tucci: Wommack: what are you trying to do? bear in mind that “ok” is relative

Wommack: Are not hight quality

Sayasane: Ok, then maybe you need higher quality ones :

Mcclymonds: But that’d not be css though

Wommack: Becouse on the front of page

Wommack: Bprompt, look now

Wommack: See what quality have the images?

Redner: hmmm css is to blame? how though?

Blihovde: Wommack, no the images are streched to 3x their original size.

Blihovde: Of course they’re going to be pixelated

Dimitrov: Already asked last night. asked again today

Dilgard: Any suggestions for a quotes css ?

Wommack: Blihovde, can you help me?

Mackney: Adv_: quotes css? was ist dat?

Caci: Bprompt: like css for famous sayings/quotes

Rombach: Adv_: w0t? that’s even more ambiguous than the first sentence =

Piskura: Can’t we just dance the hokey pokey?

Huf: Bprompt: lol , like that

Stradtner: But i don’t like that one

Wommack: Dear bprompt , you know how I streched normaly the image?

Barsanti: Wommack: your issue isn’t the image, your issue, from what I see, is bootstrap the framework, can help up to some extent, but if you dunno the language, you won’t be able to do much outside the constraints of the framework grid

Wommack: Bprompt_, found a solution

Sordia: I have list items which make up the nav, i want the last item to be pinned to the bottom of the page, how can i do this?

Broward: Fission6: w0t? you need a footer.or.? got picture of what you’re after?

Jolla: Yea the fiddle, i want the last list item to be at the bottom of the “page” or do***ent

Bryd: Fission6: got pic? your “bottom of the page: sounds ***ue, given that is a navigation list

Forguson: Bprompt_: you see the left hand nav, i want to force a nav item to the bottom of the page

Calligan: Right now they have enough options stubbed but i only have half those items, i want the last one to be in the lower lleft hand corner

Mailey: Hmmm sounds very ***ue to me still

Ayala: And yes, I see “their” not yours side menu

Montell: Bprompt_: here is an example

Hanifan: Http:// i want to push package all the way down the nav column

Tomaselli: Fission6: got pic? your “bottom of the page: sounds ***ue, given that is a navigation list

Krafft: Fission6: and yes, I understood that part, but. if it’s in a navigation, I don’t see the sense of it, semantically that way off the beaten path

Kenna: Pretty sure you have a design reason for it, so.let’s see the design sheet, so we can see what you mean, maybe you don’t need it to be an LI, maybe its just a footer or article who knows

Sundby: Can it be done? sure, using positioning, will it work as you “need” it? well, we dunno because we dunno what functionality is expected, it may or may not work, absolutely positioned elements are not in the normal flow, and that may not work for you

Pascall: How do i make the text in this header not get cut off once the text’s width gets bigger than the header container’s own withset to 50% max