How do I align them ? what.

Sierer: Brajt: How would I debug something like this? I’m at the level of clicking through the devtools and activating/deactivating css rules.

Dunnell: I’m implementing a Photoshop design made by another designer. they’ve specified pixel values for the font-sizes, but when I measure the text dimensions as rendered by the browser, it seems a pixel off from what is rendered by Photoshop. is this acceptable behavior, or is something wrong with the font setup?

Dunnell: I’m referencing a system font in css, the same as is used by Photoshop

Buening: That is most probably

Billotte: Because you use photoshop hinting

Dunnell: Also, this is measuring using the ‘dirtiest’ anti aliasing in Photoshop

Dunnell: Also I’m not sure if I’m measing the top most and bottom most possible pixel rendered by the font, which may account for the ‘missing pixel’

Mans: I stopped using photoshop for designing years ago

Dunnell: Currently measuring from the top of the capital M and bottom of the lowercase g

Dunnell: Is there a general rule of thumb for this sort of measurement?

Edens: What unit do you use in photoshop?

Dizadare: And what is your dpi resolution?

Macall: Is there anyway i can insert some layer div that help text readability by making the background image darker, but don’t get in the way of other buttons and stuff on this page?

Billingslea: Dunnell see? this happens when people use photoshop designs. they spend days on discussion trying to solve css quirks that wouldn’t be needed if they made their designs directly with html+css ;

Lorson: I don’t think i used any photoshop design but go ahead.

Senecal: Hi folks, I got a little problem that Chrome wants to print an ipad portrait version when clicking on print in the browser. FF does it fine. Anybody got a tip where to look to set the width of my “device” to something bigger?

Atta: Basically: How can i set the width and pixel density of my print view?

Dunnell: Brajt: I use pxs in photoshop

Falack: Can anyone fix this problem for me?

Savio: It’s a problem that thakes a little bit of time.

Siciliano: Mark___ just ask, if someone knows how to fix it, they’ll reply

Mccullah: Sure

Siciliano: Mark___ you’re basing your selectors on .shrink which is not available until you scroll down and jquery attaches that to your .header_wrap. That’s why the change doesn’t happen.

Urguhart: Hi. I want to create a form to register a user. How do I align the elements at the form ? Should I use an html table or something else ?

Ezzo: Siciliano: is there anyway to fix this problem?

Siciliano: Mark___ sorry maybe I wasn’t clear. I was saying that you’re trying to apply a css change via jQuery to a non-existing element in the DOM

Bartl: Okay. that sounds significant, how do i fix it though?

Siciliano: Mark___ so you’re asking jQuery to find ‘.shrink .gnbullia’ but .shrink does not exist until you scroll down

Lezer: Oh i see what you mean.

Siciliano: Because that cl*** is added dynamically on”scroll” .

Siciliano: Mark___ in my humble opinion however, you don’t need the jquery overhead to do what you’re trying to do. You just need to add the same selectors to your css file and they’ll magically work when they’re available to the browser

Siciliano: Well, not magically, but basically that’s how your browser interprets css. It keeps looking out for elements in the DOM that match your css rules, and then applies the rules to the elements.

Padel: So there’s no way out then

Eilders: That helped out really well, thanks for your knowledge

Duldulao: Guys. I need some very basic insight with css

Wirtzfeld: I need to make a form with some fields

Mensah: How do I align them ? what is the basic idea ?