Hotrum: heh, thats.

Shutts: Sure, right now the hit area for each slide item is basically the whole row

Mcspirit: So im wondering if that’s intentional?

Martignago: Whats the purpose of the big list overlay?

Melendres: Drej: it’d be nice if it could have just been an overflow-x:visible overflow-y:scroll but as soon as you do any sort of scrolling the content gets clipped to the parent container

Gawlak: Because you’re using clip to get better performance out of the scrolly bit?

Isola: Hence there are a lot of containers which are somewhat useless

Treff: Sorry im not following what you eman by that

Guggemos: I dont suppose you can replicate this on a fiddle or codepen?

Legorreta: Clip:rect0,0,0,0 shouldn’t even work, that seems to be a chrome bug

Ciganek: But it does have a desirable property that it allows mouse events to click through to the background without interrupting the scoll/slide

Rethmeier: Is taht right col always 230px?

Semrad: Yeah, any chance you can redo this on a fiddle or codepen?

Chouteau: Drej: sure but the html is pretty bare as-is

Wayman: Yeah, i want to be able to edit it and then show you ****

Khokher: Its because you’re scrolling within that row

Skillicorn: Thats how you’re getting the slide out

Blanchett: Drej:

Vonruden: Adding a list ul, li to normal inline text and format like normal text – this enriches semantics on the page. But is it worth it?

Faull: Why not animate translateX instead of scroll?

Shrider: Drej: designed for use on a touchscreen device and I figured I’d abuse the builtin scrolling rather than trying to compute velocity/inertia in javascript

Privalsky: Because you’re spamming tags

Peery: Hashtag_: ul/li for what/

Olivo: Is it a list of things

Slavis: Drej: no, he wants to use it for content

Ence: A text that counts up things

Cromley: Mbm: yeah i understand, but the thing is for you to toggle the pointerevents, you’re going to have to force a redraw state each time anyway

Patience: Apples, bananas, cherries – this could be semantically enriched?

Boehne: And have an event listener to adjust that on touchstart/end

Bridgmon: Which wil negate any performance boost you’re potentially getting compared to translatex

Bento: There are some relatively simple examples out there that give you intertia and such

Rougeot: Drej: yeah, tried togglign pointer-events and got stuck in a state where pointer-events:auto but the browser was still :none because it hadn’t redrawn

Podolak: Mbm: for future reference, if your target is iOS

Levell: You can just use -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

Shreves: To get intertia scrolling + bounce

Ascheman: Not that that helps you because you still have to be able to click through

Wurth: Drej: my other thought was that if there wasn’t a pointerdown event that I could cheat and change #list { overflow: visible; width: 230px; }

Guebert: I would suggest trying to go down the transformx route instead of this

Dillworth: But that didn’t work as planned either

Shaffen: This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen: Video feedback, reproduced on canvas, with a special secret transform to make it fractal

Aperges: Padding-bottom + max-width don’t play together. max-width will still ***ume the width value 100%.

Pokorney: The interaction might be a little trickier to deal with but the additional overhead of touch events and your dom will be spared

Barricelli: Hotrum: yeah if you want to kill every user’s cpu

Woehl: Saunier: it’s actually not too expensive

Langefels: Hotrum: heh, thats cute