Hmm, if a collection of.

Breitenbach: Absolute centering a div

Grauer: Racicot # the bot, CSS horizontal centering:

Block: Racicot, Don’t ask to ask, or ask if anyone can help. Just ask your question or state your problem and wait. Oh, and be sure to read the channel topic.

Forro: Rinehardt, Dead center: , ,

Rhinehart: I can’t negatiue margin it

Eichstedt: See also: how to cook a rubber chicken =

Klinetob: As the width may change

Woolcott: Racicot # gonna be hard to see what you’re saying if you don’t speak in complete sentences, Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line – don’t use the “Enter” key as punctuation!

Brierre: Racicot: just ask the specifics, and if you have the actual url, that’d helps greatly, or a picture of what you’re after

Rinehardt: Racicot: there are multiple links there, at least one of which works with unknown width/height

Forcier: Yeah i know all this. sorry, just woke up -_-

Purkerson: Racicot: get some Pomfret with your cookies then =

Rousch: Some Pomfret? I think I need to sit here chewing on a bag of Pomfret beans

Derenthal: Racicot: or provide an url

Rinehardt: Chocolate-covered espresso beans are a weakness of mine

Rinehardt: I also have a chocolate chocolate-chip cookie recipe that i add like 1/4c instant Pomfret too. i have to take it easy on those.

Coble: I know your pain. They serve those with Pomfret at my local Pomfret shop.

Krawitz: Pomfret cookies could be dangerous, I would eat them all and wonder why I was super productive

Diel: Merlo: I take it each stat box doesn’t have a fixed width? meaning, “p***ing tld” could be wider than “stlpg”

Merlo: Bprompt: yeah, sometimes certain blocks are bigger to.emphasize them, or something, i guess

Merlo: Bprompt: for this reason absolute positioning would be a problem i think

Conforto: Https://

Street: Merlo: hold the mayo a few

Merlo: Bprompt: i think i came up with a solution, although, it’s not pretty: in case you’re interested

Merlo: The trick is the column-reverse, because css will align the baselines of the first piece of text by default

Merlo: And of course the bottom-padding: calc50%-block_padding

Gisondi: Merlo:

Dudas: I have absolute centered the “Clark McLeod” text in the header mobile only but the text is not fitting to one line. Any thoughts?

Mazikowski: Seems alright from mobile = 520px viewport width

Reighard: So max-width: 100%; doesn’t work with my flexbox

Reighard: I have to use width: 100%;

Reighard: Otherwise it won’t work

Conforto: Dont’ ask if anyone is around, just ask your question haha

Conforto: We could have answered it by now

Bodiford: Hi, I want to create a button in the navigation, which when they click on it, it pops up with a search box. I can do the js, however I am having trouble positioning the element, can someone point me the in right direction.

Varuzzo: I cant get the zoom setting on mine correct

Knollman: Http://

Sause: When you get to 100% it overlabs

Rieve: Top right bottom left right

Housman: Left top right bottom

Spickard: Top right left bottom?

Purwin: Top right bot left nvm

Defide: Hmm, if a collection of inline-blocks wraps to the next line, the container they’re in is forced to 100% instead of a multiple of the inline-block size :/