Hi. I’m trying to create a.

Barentine: This is something thats been bothering me

Coker: Does anybody here know how to use less?

Serini: Eddins, less CSS preprocessor – http://lesscss.org – ##lesscss A work in progress, stick around to help it grow.

Wieger: What are your thoughts on less vs scss Eddins?

Huell: I looked at less for the first time the other day and it did not look as inviting as scss

Eddins: They’re both pretty nice

Bernotas: Can you load images depending on the size of the browser?

Fridlington: Bernotas: If you use the images as background-image, you can use media queries to simply set the property to the desired image.

Fowle: Bernotas: You could also put the images in containers you show/hide through media queries. span cl***=”big”img/spanspan cl***=”small”img/span

Bernotas: That latest option sound ok in my scenario

Bernotas: Im building a website for real-estate

Bernotas: I don’t want my mobile user to dowload 3 large images of 900kb everytime

Ridder: Using a Javascript polyfill for the upcoming picture HTML element would be another option: https://scottjehl.github.io/picturefill/

Bernotas: Because now I made a ‘for web’ image but it’s not that sharp on my 5k monitor

Bernotas: But on a normal monitor it shows ok

Bernotas: Can it easily be done to style a ulol background of the list-item type?

Bernotas: I would like to put black squares around my li type and my numbers should be white for example.

Chuba: Content: “00BB”; how do you add a space before that?

Vieths: What could be the reason that a page can be moved horizontally on an ipad although there is no content to scroll? it behaves like a rubber boarder.

Marrett: Https://www.fxsitecompat.com/en-US/docs/2015/css-float-bugs-have-been-fixed/ HUZZAH

Marrett: This one has bugged me for a good long while

Marrett: Now if only Chrome would abandon their *****ing w/ position: fixed I’d be pretty much happy w/ basic CSS2 layout these days

Marrett: But that float one was definitely annoying

Orte: Check out foundation’s

Perrone: But personally if you’re designing without a framework, just use your own where the design breaks

Joachim: Thanks breakdancingcat :

Patry: I am using Bootstrap, but my text overflows on certain widths

Burtts: There’s a chrome extension called resize window that displays the size of the window when you move it

Frever: Really my whole CSS could use an overhaul but I’m not sure if I’ve got the time haha :

Reiners: Totally understandable!

Gladstein: Czaplewski: The SVG problem from yesterday was with the browser not being able to auto bounds/calculate the width/height: http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/visudet.html#inline-replaced-width – SVG’s work just fine as a background image, it was just that triangle SVG not behaving as expected, working example: http://jsfiddle.net/2ks3vwg7/4/

Kallio: You shouldn’t still do that MLM

Maurais: Using svg as inline svg data via css

Haberer: Hello! does anyone know why using .sidebar { .make-md-column3 } different than div cl***=”col-md-3 sidebar” in Bootstrap?

Biagi: The two should be the same, shouldn’t they?

Rohl: Cl***=”col-md-3 sidebar” corresponds to .col-md-3 { } or .sidebar { } or .col-md-3.sidebar { }

Witt: Http://i.imgur.com/lNPFuAt.png?1 does that list style for category pages make sense?

Escandon: Or would you use something else?

Gras: Samuraio: I’d indent the subcat just a bit more

Hudek: To align the arrow with the text of the parent

Dakins: Yeah it seems a bit off thx

Litwiler: Hi. I’m trying to create a custom heading underline using repeating background images, but so far I haven’t been able to space them out evenly across the entire width. this is what I have so far: http://www.gebroedersniemeijer.staging.brigaid.nl/test.php – hoping that somebody wouldn’t mind to take a peek