Hi! I have a small query..

Crumpacker: Lang=”en-us-x-awesomeness” is a valid language tag

Wilchek: Marrenarre Ehh? And wow so I’d have like loginEnglish.html, and loginEspanol.html ?

Chlebek: Pretend I have a policy against PHP, or any scripts. Can only use HTML5 and CSS.

Crumpacker: You could, yes. that would be determined serverside though

Crumpacker: And you could determine it in nginx/apache/whatever your server is, no backend language needed

Mazzarella: LTCD: I don’t care about back-end, but front-end you need separate do***ents, yes.

Meccia: Crumpacker – but how would it know, using an IP? And what if it’s wrong since user used a proxy – how could they then manually change it? Sorry for questions, am from a Java/C background.

Hauch: Unless you use some nasty scripts.

Crumpacker: LTCD: browsers send a list of preferred languages with requests

Hinsey: Okay thanks. If I did some PHP or Java Servlets stuff I could use a cookie or something right, to store their language and redirect as necessary?

Crumpacker: LTCD: probably, i’m not certain though

Adkins: Http://tux.theopalgroup.com/cgi-bin/css3explainer/selectoracle.py

Awtrey: Selects any element that is not one of the first eight children.

Vielhauer: Http://codepen.io/anon/pen/meomRb shows otherwise

Doop: Ionas: you’re reading it wrong

Bellina: It’s the opposite of what you read it as

Cundy: Remove the :not and it’ll do what you want

Gossom: I want to hide any column that is not within the first 7

Villas: I think there is rather a bug in selectoracle?

Howser: Or I am really not getting the sentence

Fenster: Either you’re reading it wrong, or they have a simple typo

Leomiti: Neither case is interesting

Signorile: Okay but still thanks for pointing out

Somera: That is: you don’t need to detect “retina” or any other devices

Bertels: I doubt that x2 would be defined in the spec. maybe it’ll work when we define something somewhere else?

Mally: Don’t know, don’t care

Treffert: I believe this sort of prefixing is the most compatible way to detect retina displays: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/retina-display-media-query/

Weintz: But apparently there are 1.3 ratios too, how is it best to handle those? sure i can automate to generate images for 1.3 too but where does it end?

Wueste: Does the the -ms- prefix on rule and property name, that’s MSIE specific, also cover the Edge browser, or does it have it’s own prefix? I’ve googled but can’t find a clear answer.

Milbradt: Alanjf: protip: use an autoprefixer and it will handle all those edge no pun intended cases for you

Kluka: I have two columns i am using bootstrap i would like that these two columns have the same height

Grewal: Hi there. I’m having some trouble with my footer : For some reason at larger screen widths I think 1200px it seems to float left rather than staying in the centre. Here’s the fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/Jragon/cm2nocj1/1/

Glasgow: Lemondom: Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m still curious though if -ms- is used by Edge in addition to Internet Explorer, or if it has it’s own prefix.

Arriola: Anyone know if its possible to implement pinch zoom an image for mobile using css that’s cross browser compatible, or is this more something for js?

Olmedo: Mobile devices do that on their own

Norden: Can anyone tell me why I can’t get this to work?

Norden: Http://jsfiddle.net/fLjchx0u/

Norden: Specifically the margining?

Norden: Height 90%, width: 90%, margin: 5% 5%;

Ohotnicky: Hey folks, I have an element that appears to be under other elements on ios but on chrome it looks fine

Bucchin: Post it on http://jsfiddle.net

Nasif: What do you guys think? http://dbkaplun.com

Balius: Hi! I have a small query. In this link: https://translate.google.com/#en/ru/I%20am%20from%20Earth In the right box, how is space between span elements of cl*** “hps” bein maintained? Why is there space at all between the words?