Hi guys, when you hover the.

Halbur: Inherit: ****ty advice is ****ty :0

Poxon: Http://media2dvd.com/newsite/header.html should i frame it

Harraden: Inherit: s*** is okay as well but be careful with that or you can make a real mess as well

Denogean: Jessica_h: you have different panes in a live pastebin. each one takes special code. one for html, one for css, one for js, etc

Thrill: Michael_p: why would you frame a header?

Derider: Inherit: but learn vanilla first otherwise s*** just becomes as bad as boostrap because you never learn how things actually work. understand?

Magnie: Instead of have the links all in manully have each one in a frame

Immel: Michael_p: that’s dumb. why aren’t you using your back end code to deal with your menu links?

Pontiff: I could with out frames

Koskie: Michael_p: also that shouldn’t be a table at all

Delosangeles: A menu is a list of unordered links. use a ul for that inside of nav

Yunes: Michael_p: it’s not 1997 anymore. ; no more tables for layout

Ruhman: Any coments on the page

Barbini: It’s just a menu and header what’s there to comment on?

Sjerven: Tinystoat michael_p Thanks guys

Shill: Tinystoat: enjoying the delights?

Weis: And i replace that table

Shill: The smooth sounds of michael_p ;

Swinton: Tinystoat I understand your point of view i guess you’re addicted to plain pure css i guess again! perhaps you don’t like preprocessors as well. and there’s something of beauty in that but lief gets easier with tools such as s***

Unnold: Opsec: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1343277-The-Delights ?

Petruzzelli: Opsec: heh no that’s not my bag ;

Shill: Tinystoat: more: http://s1.ibtimes.com/sites/www.ibtimes.com/files/2011/03/08/72014-actor-gary-busey-arrives-at-the-80th-annual-academy-awards-in-hollywoo.jpg

Shill: Tinystoat: he’s a MAN baby!

Trogstad: Inherit: no it’s not a point of view. if you don’t learn to walk before you can run then you’re always going to be stumbling

Antonaccio: Tinytoast youre right about that !

Kriston: Inherit: you need to learn the basics and learn them well before you move on.

Curey: Opsec: he’s actually an evangelical nutcase. thanks but i don’t take that in my coffee

Shill: People don’t like learning in general, they want everything mcdonalds fast and for it to be of value. which is laughable ;

Shill: Yea, i don’t listen to what mr. ed says either.

Shill: He makes some funny faces though ;

Walman: Ibtimes are funny as well. they use slave labor and abuse their staff horribly

Arnesen: Tinytoast thanks for your advices

Jagla: They’re actually fundie nutcases as well. actually they are greedy ****ers pretending to be fundies.

Villanveva: Opsec: what faces? it’s mostly missing to that flesh eating virus. :p

Lucarelli: Have a great day again leaving now but I’ll be back ;

Ostrov: Inherit: we’ll all be back until we’re dead

Kiracofe: Eh i haven’t had enough water

Siefke: Tinytoast I was thinking about how I will miss my mac terminal

Wickson: Inherit: oh that’s depressing. mix linux and tmux instead

Gerchak: Tinytoast great advice again

Hedge: Anything but that crap

Schurk: Watch out i might run out of wit soon

Detter: Tinytoast This is the most hilarious discussion channel ever! Great to know is still exist good humor people these days.

Hirkaler: I’ve change my mind I will stay :

Chapko: Inherit: caveat emptor

Dusch: Hi guys, when you hover the image here, you get a white custom cursor image. https://jsfiddle.net/danneniko/6k7otufq/11/ however hovering that image on mac chrome and safar, tested on browserstack and a mac. the cursor image looks pixelated and has black edges for some reason. I have a hard time debugging this, don’t really know what to look for. Anyone got a suggestion?