Hi all wondering if someone.

Santibanez: Swander, does not work https://jsfiddle.net/hqtxmkpe/

Mcquiller: Squeakytoy2: good news man, you’ve made the mistake everyone made once

Tanzi: Its a common mistake?

Shofestall: Squeakytoy2: nth-. is on the child not on the parent

Elizabeth: Exactly, so i ask my question again :

Bazarte: How do i target the first and second child elements 😛

Calder: Squeakytoy2: https://jsfiddle.net/hqtxmkpe/2/

Ni: No, that’s the syntax

Beerman: Swander, it doesnt work https://jsfiddle.net/hqtxmkpe/3/

Escarrega: Read my question :- i want to get the first and second child elements

Dingell: Squeakytoy2: https://jsfiddle.net/hqtxmkpe/4/

Calvillo: Squeakytoy2: http://nthmaster.com/

Calvillo: All you’ll ever need

Zimerman: Its not even a problem of nth

Bouwens: You can write “:nth” without a parent? hmm

Dobre: Its a problem of not understanding how css works :

Zezima: Squeakytoy2: div:first-child means a DIV that is the first child

Urby: I thought you needed to attach a pseudo-cl*** on a selector?

Smoots: But your elements are elements INSIDE the div

Calvillo: Squeakytoy2: You might want: *{display:none;}

Noy: So its first-child inside the div

Desolier: Calvillo: dont be mean

Loser: You never want to use “*”

Arrendell: Petralba, yea, i know. Thats why I asked first and second child elements

Dieng: Calvillo: for what its worth you’ve asked way dumber things in the past :

Calvillo: Petralba: What do you mean, I ask dumb things every day

Fausto: Petralba: not sure it that was kind or.

Gengler: Is “div :nth” okay to write? i thought you needed something to attach a pseudo cl*** : on

Alberg: Squeakytoy2: its okay to write

Agena: I havent seen it before

Matteucci: There are probably lots of other things you havent seen before

Calvillo: Squeakytoy2: Maybe you should just make another cl*** for that div until you get more familiar with psuedo cl***es

Spero: Calvillo, i can’t. thats more complicated, as the first and second children are angular directives

Bowyer: And i just learnt that nth-child1 is not valid

Diddle: But looks better with same syntax 😛

Calvillo: No one cares about how it looks

Calvillo: If it works it works yo

Calvillo: Well you should re-prioritize as you’ve spent a considerable amount of time on a relativity simple issue

Calvillo: That was out of love btw

Calvillo: But the benefit of wasting a lot of time on tedious annoying tasks is that you learn a lesson

Hatchet: Calvillo, but, the good side is, im getting paid

Calvillo: Experience my friend is better than money

Calvillo: Unless you live in America

Spaeth: Okay, thanks all. Have a great evening.

Hatter: Could someone give me a hand with this? I tried adding padding to the sidebar and now the page container is all *****ed up. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/KddRXx

Imler: The fleshed out one has this really annoying thing where the sidebar overflows into the footer by a good amount 😡

Calvillo: Merkazu: If you’re going to use Bootstrap, you should just use a starter template if you’re new

Calvillo: Merkazu: In example: http://ironsummitmedia.github.io/startbootstrap-simple-sidebar/

Calvillo: Merkazu: More: http://startbootstrap.com/template-categories/unstyled/

Merow: Hi all wondering if someone could help please. I am trying to get the left and right divs in this page to be the same height if the content of the right div grows. I am also trying to make sure the right div text does not go left of the white vertical line. any iseas what I am missing? – http://jsfiddle.net/L0adrup9/