Hi all, I’m a bit confused.

Hotrum: I used a wrapper inside a column

Gaustad: And set border-radius in it

Coutts: You need overflow: hidden on the wrapper

Bockelmann: You will see the .colwrapper cl***. any ideas why is not it working?

Britts: Shakil: .colwrapper { overflow: hidden; }

Britts: Shakil: it is just spilling over into the parent without clipping

Rohlman: Is there a selector to go from a child up to a parent

Saggese: Hey when I use background-image in IE edge, it always centers it

Huie: I added background-position: top left; but it will only center the background-image

Zipse: Internet explorer background-image is always center, but not in firefox or chrome

Wynkoop: Droopy dont use internet explorer

Shirk: Gonna dev for all platforms, friend

Sutyak: Its weird companies reuquire ie compatibility

Socorro: Can you use bootstrap?

Coutts: Yea, its weird that companies require you to support a browser than 10% of the population uses.

Greiber: That 10% could be all enterprise users

Flourney: Are you going to cut out all office workers from your app?

Dalal: Ie is not a secure browser in the first place

Coutts: Most people don’t know or care about that

Tindle: So why would a company choose something that is not secure

Bucciero: It depends what kind of website

Sponholz: If its a blog then yeah sure

Coutts: It doesn’t really matter, fact is we have to support it

Komada: Hello : can anyone help me figure out why a checkbox appears on firefox . but not on chrome?

Lechel: Because chrome = google

Bernoski: Question . i’m re-creating a web app in house into a newer framework and am currently transferring all HTML and CSS over . are there any tools that can help collect all ***ociated CSS with HTML elements on the page? dev tools helps me a little but it’s easy to miss nested selected styles and ones that are triggered by :hover, :focus as well

Coutts: Ldc: sure, if you have a testcase or live page

Vaneyck: George_mcfly: If you’re using chrome you can see the sources in the inspector

Coor: Coutts: http://meteimmobiliare.it/contattaci/

Pepez: From the inspector would be all included .css files

Urrey: Droopy: i have access to the css files

Mabus: Coutts: close to the privacy link

Piccillo: But they are huge and unorganized so it’s another challenge to find all relevant style through those

Coutts: Ldc: you have -webkit-appearance: none; in your css

Landu: Hey , I was going through tutorials on w3schools and came across this http://www.w3schools.com/css/tryit.asp?filename=trycss_float5 , how can I make the un ordered list to cover the whole width of the page

Horry: Coutts: hmm, is there a way to un-none : it? since I’m using a child theme

Coutts: Ldc: initial should un-none it

Doler: Guys, can someone help me fix the top right of this page the menu’s too low and the dark background is too narrow

Szychowski: I can make #smartMenu width: 100%; to fix the dark background but I can seem to lift up the menu items http://smartpeeps.co.za/

Zerzan: How did you make the menu width 100% , I was asking this question

Steppello: Coutts: worked, thanks!

Poulos: Killer: you just need to edit the display: to table or block, remove the hardcoded widths

Walund: Spacenomad, as I pointed the link to w3schools , they were using horizontal unordered lists

Sauerbry: Killer: take a look at my example https://jsfiddle.net/8uxdtgra/

Debouse: Spacenomad, thnx , I will look into it .

Rance: Hi all, I’m a bit confused by iframes at the moment — I’ve specified height to be 100%, but they seem to insist on staying short :