Hey so on hover I have the.

Jaegers: Jswensen: each word? try setting the span to display:inline-block

Grubba: Wrong, Adobe has never generated HTML or CSS

Mcklveen: You must be confusing HTML/CSS with Adobe crap 😀

Adley: How do I make something use 100% of the remaining viewport height?

Hepperly: So that what’s in there resizes with the window, keeping all the content visible

Boxell: Reisio: when you export from InDesign as an epub3, it does generate HTML/CSS. The epub3 format is essentially HTML/CSS in a zip file with an .epub extension

Murga: Awef: that’s just what you’ve asked for, again :p

Bonaventure: Awef: 100% of nothing is nothing

Morejon: Jswensen: nope, Adobe doesn’t know how to export HTML

Futterman: Jswensen: try using tidy on it

Pelman: Reisio: sorry I don’t follow. say I have a 100px high image, and then I put another image that I want to be viewport-100px high

Mcluen: Awef: height: calc100% – 100px

Miricle: Does it have to be a calc or are there other ways too?

Baquiran: Calc is good down to IE9, though

Hoxit: Ok well what about if the 100px high image isn’t just an image, but a whole bunch of other variable height stuff?

Trzaska: For me it’d depend on what specifically it was

Palmitessa: You could use display: table-* stuff, though, easily

Orth: Or absolute positioning

Kaub: If I wrap all the stuff into a div, can I refer to its size somehow to calc with, like I could with javascript?

Ianacone: No way to query other elements from within css

Bixler: Awef: in the ways already mentioned, sure

Pavlick: Is there a good tutorial to read about this stuff? I can get it to work with 100% high tables, but not divs

Renfroe: Not quite sure if this is possible to do, but i want to have background image with an opacity layered on top of a solid color, so like background: url’myurl.jpg’ opacity .3, rgb25,25,25

Fayne: Anyone know if i can do that

Ronquillo: Dandaman1: you mean rgba25,25,25,0.3?

Edd: Opacity on the entire thing or just the background color?

Mengsteab: The WordPress guys sent me over here: I’m currently building a site with WordPress and after changing the background image, the edges of the website still has pieces of the old image. Can anyone help me diagnose and solve this?

Parten: Mbm: just the background image

Fundenberger: Nevermind. Got it figured out.

Kunesh: Mbm: got it here https://scotch.io/quick-tips/how-to-change-a-css-background-images-opacity

Gunn: Newbie question here with regards to bootstrap grid. I used to design my pages with col-md-X as a start. But I found things like textareas don’t appear correctly when viewed on mobile. So I switched to designing with col-xs-X. Then the text areas view correctly on mobile and desktop

Oines: So it seems I should always start with col-xs-X?

Kruegel: Surfnturf_: /msg alis list *bootstrap*

Wilkers: Grrrrr. oh. fixed. 😀

Rebello: Why is there a thin black line or space under the gray menu bar? http://www.coffeeonmars.com/newJJ/index.html

Schlaefer: Buzzlewoo: because header is black

Schaffer: Ok.so if I keep header black how can I make that gray bar be the most bottom thing?.without black poking out at the bottom?

Rodeman: OK.so maybe I need to use positioning on header nav ul?

Leibowitz: Hey everyone. Never really worked with CSS animations. Can we use them in modern browsers today?

Tricoche: Arvanitis, thank you! working on my portfolio and I would like to perhaps spice it up while transitioning through content. need to look at tutorials

Hamer: Hey so on hover I have the opacity of my Body lowered. An image located in my body with a higher z-index than the opacity seems to also get stuck behind the lowered opacity no matter what I do. Is it because my img is right in the body?