Hey guys, this involve.

Vayner: Also, this renders poorly in IE for the moment, but should be fixable once I finalize it

Dierks: Reisio: what is your question

Yuill: Seems to go across the entire width to me

Aikman: I’m trying to get the little diagonal lines to space out evenly across the entire width

Kachelmeyer: For instance, the second one ‘product range’ shows a line very close to the right edge

Teschner: Placidb: try background-position

Seiber: Reisio: I think I’m already using that in the ‘background’ shorthand definition

Mazierski: I’ve experimented with it but can’t get the desired effect

Sweezy: So I was hoping for a little help here

Luetmer: Errr, Juandev thinks about proper vocabulary

Kaduk: Could be a tall order

Stirling: Maybe play with background-size

Garlock: I think background-size would just scale the pattern, thereby creating even more of a mess?

Geschke: Thanks for the suggestion though

Ghan: I want to desight a piece of text, but if I set id to the paragraph it does not affect the text itself. does it mean I cannot style directly p or it might be influenced from elsewhere

Reyburn: Placidb: might need scripting for that

Getter: I will work hard and hire webdesigner in the future. I do webdesign once a year and I dont remember the rules:-

Mousel: Hey all. Let’s say i have two divs with different background colors stacked vertically and i want to create some sort of transition image to put between them. I tried putting a div in between them with background-image set via css, but the image only displays if i set width and height on that div as well. It seems to me like that would break responsive design

Peick: Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this problem?

Pedrozo: Is it just me but I can’t seem to figure out what align-content is used for. i can’t get any behaviour what so ever using it.

Blinebry: Why cant time have margin

Brzuchalski: It can if you make it inline-block

Vangundy: Oh does it default to inline

Modin: My psuedo elements before & after are wrapping a separate div, what can I do to stop it from overflowing over into the next div?

Robins: SpecialTechnique: different divs you say? The parent div can contain using position: relative; on it

Asters: SpecialTechnique: but when you use one pseudo for a wholly different div parent, then this wouldn’t work

Belfi: Hashtag_: Well its parent childpsuedo, child but I have the psuedo acting as if it’s the parent

Leedom: So you mean the pseudo of one of the children of the parent _visually_ contain the parent element?

Dunaway: I tried a clearfix, but that just completely removes my psuedo _

Fenske: Because those techniques work only from a parent

Ellenbee: Why do you need this kind of setup in the first place?

Cattladge: Background / frame effect?

Caridine: Currently I have a set height to not overflow, but yea, that’s not what I was expecting on doing to fix this -_-

Redrick: There is background frame css property now

Piek: So you can apply this directly to the parent instead

Bonini: You can try: make the parent position: relative; the pseudo element position: absolute; add some margin and you have it inside

Hasting: Or use negative positions of the pseudo element and give the parent element some padding/margin to push it back

Virula: Using something like this may visually result in what you want

Gandarillia: But without a fiddle .

Bangle: Hastag_ yea, I’m going to look into the background frame

Nealon: Hey guys, this involve javascript, can I use a MutationObserver to listen for changes on computed styles? I have a DIV which width is 100% and I’d like to know when it’s computed width changes.