Hello, I’m having some.

Bigsby: You can have things that are fixed position even with a flexbox layout.

Vreeland: Https://www.bingoentertainment.com/images/games/screens-gina-bingo-90.jpg

Randt: Imagine you want to do something like that on the web

Hislip: You need a fixed layout, don’t you?

Zaring: My conclusion was that fluid or flexible wasn’t worth it

Kealey: I find that hard to imagine. I’d never work on something that fugly.

Tataris: Http://www.bingocall.com/files/2009/09/bingo.jpg does this color suit better your personality?

Serres: You could absolutely position all of that and move it around at various media query break points or put some things in to their own panels which sit in a layout flex or something and just rearrange the contents at break points by small changes.

Laureano: Like that double column of things could be collapsed in to one if you did something like column-count: 2; and then at a certain size column-count: 1; or something to turn off columns

Plotnik: I wanted to convince the users that a web-site was a web-app or web-game, and a way to do that was to remove scrollbars and make pages 100% height. I googled a little for inspiration and found things like this interesting from a structure point of view design is ugly tho: http://www.playcatan.com/en/

Krok: What? That’s not bad.

Rayes: Besides, you ever /played/ Catan? :

Hersom: Nope, I tried it once but I didn’t understand the game, it felt a little slow for my histrionic personality

Golly: That’s one weird looking hand though.

Stassinos: It’s only as slow as the people you play with.

Heizer: Ideally someone comes up with an idea of their next move while the others are taking their turns.

Moschetti: Any good book for good proper html semantics?

Evering: I waited for 60 seconds without being able to do anything, then somehow I was able to click and make something like a campfire and then I lost my turn again, closed the game at that point

Carruba: Codepen.io/upq/pen/Kdwjpv

Miglorie: What do you mean with weird looking?

Carruba: AMcBain: play with it

Heberling: Fgrsgsdfg, yeah you need to play with people in person, at an actual table, with an original copy. No expansions. :

Yoeckel: If you got in a game with expansions things could end up with a lot of rules.

Manaker: Ah, I didn’t know it was a physical table game too

Rossiter: Yup! One of the first “Eurogames”.

Carruba: I want to have a gradient bordered button with transparent bg

Reavley: Oh. It’s an actual button. Hm, this could maybe be interesting.

Gagliardo: Fgrsgsdfg, it’s not a bad buy as far as things go. Neither is Dominion. as long as you have people to play with.

Yucha: Anyway, the point is that there’s no standard and when making media queries for every device I feel like commiting suicide, so now I’m using bootstrap and everything is ‘almost’ positioned but I lost the ‘app’ feeling

Funes: Even that playcatan doesn’t work for mobile

Skokowski: Maybe you can get it working on tablet but the interface gets messy, and at 1920 x 1080 desktop there’s a lot of unused space

Odonnell: Im looking for a nice example of a css triangle with text in it. Any ideas?

Carruba: Any blues with clues?

Biscocho: Upq, well I’m trying something that Firebug says Firefox found valid but it won’t show up.

Belton: No_gravity, uh, what? CSS triangles are border effects. If you put text in such an element it won’t be a triangle anymore.

Furlong: Also I hate codepen. Their editor is too slow. It really *****s up what I type.

Carruba: AMcBain: I hate it more, btw i just signup if you noticed.

Alarie: Hello, I’m having some issues with floating elements that aren’t lining up correctly. I’ve created a fiddle from a snippet on my page – https://jsfiddle.net/hcnhgzmw/. Please view it in full screen https://jsfiddle.net/hcnhgzmw/embedded/result/ to see the effect.