Hashtag_: well, the design.

Jarels: Http://www.sennheiser-reshapingexcellence.com/en/

Karasek: What do you mean ‘expensive’?

Samiec: Drej: I had basically come to a similar conclusion but I haven’t been able to force myself to reimplement touch scrolling in javascript :/

Salstrom: Looks like im watching a video at 1fps

Lossa: Saunier: I mean it is not excessively cpu intensive… or so I thought. My hardware is pretty old and has no problems with it

Morenco: OK, I solved it now by using a wrapper around it.

Echevarria: Drej: you made that site? :O

Alegi: That sennheiser site, on the other hand, is about 1 frame every 5 seconds for me

Merthie: Why should i only use bootstrap for prototyping and not production.?

Laperouse: Also, how cam I darken img’s with css only?

Ettinger: How do i make buttons in a horizontal align

Laskoski: Like buton1button2button3

Pedrozo: Hello234123: do “nothing”, that’s the default behaviour for a button element or input for that matter

Townsand: What if i want transition animation n stuff

Macconnell: What about just text with links text1text2etc

Enget: Audioburn: you can use bootstrap for production, people do that. Whether bootstrap alone is high quality or more than a theme is topic to debate.

Yengo: Audioburn: http://www.webdevout.net/test?05ot&raw

Dubrey: Hello234123: soooo. ok. w0t?

Horras: I want to make some images aligned in horizontal

Sodeman: Hello234123: same, that’s img’s default behaviour

Helmers: I use much more cl***es now than before.

Laterza: It is much easier and nicer for me now.

Blanton: Good the “semantic cl***” dogma has been removed in the last web concil! 😀

Desutter: Mbm: http://ariya.ofilabs.com/2013/08/javascript-kinetic-scrolling-part-1.html

Stommes: Doesnt seem overly complicated

Oaks: You can always leverage something like hammer.js for a few extra hooks and helpers

Matsuki: It’ll come in handy esp if youre doing tons of mobile

Bundette: Drej: yeah, I’m already part way through writing my own implementation of kinetic scrolling

Orkwis: Why “float” or “align” doesnt work with buttons

Rolin: Will css ever be able to offer such things?

Mcclamy: Drej: hmm, still the problem that the y-axis is a scrollable element which means that a translateX doesn’t actually extend outside

Woolsey: There’s this new table layout element I can’t recall it’s name exactly. Can anyone help

Cuddy: Mbm: what about artificially adding something to the scrollable parent?

Ruckle: Woolsey: flexbox? th?

Gothier: Element you said – so not flexbox

Woolsey: Nope it’s something like display: table-layout

Woolsey: It makes tables more precise

Woolsey: I saw it a blog about things you don’t know about CSS and I didn’t bookmark

Woolsey: Ok found it https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/table-layout

Creary: Then it is not an element

Krzesinski: But a set of css properties/module

Frija: Nvm, but table-* is also a reason not using table layouts

Donna: Hashtag_: the main problem comes down to the inability to overflow-x:visible overflow-y:scroll . soon as the element becomes scrollable nothing can extend outside of it, it’s effectively overflow-x:hidden

Fauset: So only the y axis should be scrollable then

Ankeny: Overflow-x:visible overflow-y:scroll

Rougeaux: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6421966/css-overflow-x-visible-and-overflow-y-hidden-causing-scrollbar-issue

Grossetete: Hashtag_: well, the design criteria is a verical scroll list with horizontal slide out elements; problem is that the horizontal part is intended to extend outside of the initial vertically scrolling element