Haml + S*** is quite neat.

Derga: Something i said before

Koslan: I didn’t have autologging on

Roerish: Usually I do a google search “chat log css”

Wagle: I don’t like logging things 😛

Foeller: So you don’t have logs huh?

Waldon: Algun what do you need exactly?

Eshelman: Http://logs.hashweb.org/

Zaczek: Those aren’t #css logs

Entrikin: Btw. get a load of that robots.txt

Schlater: Brajt: something about how css ****s and what to do about it. i had it in my head at the time but now i don’t

Duttinger: Here’s something: http://krijnhoetmer.nl/discussion-logs/

Ashwood: Can’t find anything there.

Heykoop: I don’t think i’ll have it in my logs

Martina: I thought it’s something from last few days

Salmon: There’s this mistery of a missing w3c spec

Schramek: In the log from the same day

Jeffus: I thought it was about variables, but no, that one is up

Vaughner: This one just disappeared, oh i know, i’ll search for wayback machine links

Caraher: Nah, those logs are lacking

Ossola: Is there anyway i can apply two box shadow?

Elek: One’s inset, and other’s outset

Tazewell: I dont know where else to ask but the majority of the icons on my computer have become the white paper icon i found what claimed to be a .bat that woud fix it anyone know anything?

Kirsh: JohnnyCashIRC: no you can’t get help for you strange and probably virus problem from a site styling channel.

Yem: Its not virus im pretty sure

Gizzi: Anyone know a site like this thats free ? crossbrowsertesting

Gizzi: Crossbrowsertesting.com

Bondi: But only for opensource projects

Gizzi: I need mobile testing

Wedel: Btw, concatenating/minifying the concatenated css will also be important with HTTP2 because as some already stated, minification/gzip is more efficient with global knowledge, so when styles are made to be used together

Gladhart: Whats the equivalent of number input for google chrome

Tatsch: Hmm, html5 new input types?

Hamnon: Yes, email, and that, check them out

Soravilla: Also the polyfills if you need them for older browsers

Orona: Hmm, ive got a simple problem: http://blog.intermodaldata.com/ — on smaller screens the twitter and linkedin icons in the nav menu overlap. This is because the parent li’ for these items are both sized strangely. can anyone take a look? I’ll paypal you $5 :-

Allphin: Fotoflo: Where in the menu are they?

Lysher: Hey guys. can i post my html/css questions here?

Gizzi: O have a 1024px design

Gizzi: I use use px as my unit

Byas: Marrenarre: i figured it out

Gizzi: Can i just apply a matrix transform to every element to scale for mobile /

Gizzi: Like 31% on width and height

Sebranek: Gizzi: I wouldn’t recommend it.

Ciolli: Thanks! just quick question. so i have a div settling at the middle with the width at 50%, how can resize the textarea so that it occupies the whole div?

Gizzi: It just tedious for a fluid layout to have to define % for every element for every breakpoint x.x

Ottosen: Qwebirc47344: So the textarea is inside the div?

Auber: Textarea { width: 100%; }

Gizzi: Does s*** or scss make it any easier ?

Leuck: Preprocessors make writing CSS more fun in general.

Gosman: My favourite part is the nesting.

Gizzi: And angulart makes html more fun :

Curdy: I was going to say Haml.

Brewer: Haml + S*** is quite neat I’d say.