Guys, im not trying to hack.

Turinetti: Django_ you mean just :checked ?

Liddy: You see how it says checked=””

Balasa: Yes, that is what they mean

Crim: How can i check if a div has that

Turinetti: Django_ well checking for something isn’t what css is for

Turinetti: But you can style something based on its state

Pasche: Can i do something like do***ent.getelementbyid for checked=””

Turinetti: Django_ this is what css can do with that :checked

Edmund: Is there any way I can treat an img as text, so that text-align:center will but my image alongside my text-aligned text?

Balasa: Img will do that by default

Balasa: Http:// ?

Blandy: I have a table with td elements set to width: 100px and height 100px. When I add a image to the td the height of it becomes 104px. There is 2 px of padding/margin getting added somewhere but I can’t find where. Is there some hidden space on images that you can’t control? This is in google chrome

Reimnitz: Because I have one td element that has no picture in it and there the height and width is 100px;

Funston: Should add display block to your image and it solved it in case someone wanted to know lol

Viser: Hey all, i know you can use svg to mask out text over a texture to make it look like the text is fading out, i cant remember how to do it though, and cant think of any google search terms to find a guide. anyone know?

Reasonover: Do stylesheet links have to be in the head?

Sobon: What happens if i put a stylesheet link in the body?

Balasa: Depends on the browser

Shear: Well i have a delimma then

Mangine: I figured out my question

Balasa: Its not explicitly defined in the spec

Trufin: Ah wait, i can use jquery to append stylesheets to the head from the body cant i

Segelhorst: You can put a stylesheet in the body, and it simply wont block rendering in modern browsers, the styles will still be applied

Perilli: Stupid website doesnt let you edit the head

Mccullers: Well i dont want it to be janky, so i think js would be the best fix

Kiddle: Its good for preloading styles, but not for loading styles that need to be run for the current view

Astacio: Just will append to the head or something

Scale: Js is usually not a good fix for things like this

Granato: Well what do you suggest then

Campobasso: Explain what you are trying to do

Balasa: How does using js correctly sound more hacky than using html incorrectly?

Langham: Its a ****ty website platform

Tinelli: But its popular and i build a lot for people on it, but its very limited

Natewa: You can only add these ‘html’ modules and input raw css in style tags

Leflores: I want to clean up my cost as much as possible and host my files remotely so i dont have to use their editors, etc

Purtee: Browser can run misplaced DOM objects much faster than it can execute js

Balasa: That’s. not really true

Walmsley: So i thought why why just write 2 lines of jqery to insert my remote stylesheet rather than enter 500 lines of inline css

Balasa: Also you’re talking milliseconds of difference

Cirino: Well if youre already making sacrifices and not caring much it’s probably worth doing that way

Balasa: Sure, let’s all just use div and span for all our elements

Balasa: Might as well, it’s easier

Butman: Balasa what are you talking about? you took my generalization and tried to apply it to everything

Balasa: No, i exaggerated your generalization to prove a point

Swallows: Guys, im not trying to hack anything, im trying to make the best out of a bad situation