Glowdemon1 If you’ll make a.

Teichmann: Winamp . it really rocks your.

Shedd: Any good tutorial on CSS?

Lalinde: Daniman, Resources to help you get started:

Malleck: Hello, I have a position: fixed div on top of another div. If I scroll now in the “fixed” div, the content of the fixed div does not move as expected. However, the content below is scrolled, any way to avoid that?

Hunten: I’m trying to use this bootstrap menu builder, but the CSS isn’t working. Do I need to name give the CSS file a specific name?

Coxon: Moeh: set overflow: hidden on the body

Coxon: Or whatever is scrolling

Coxon: Brandin: the name can be whatever, it just has to be the same as the link or however you’re linking it to the page

Ninh: Coxon: thanks. Why isn’t it working then?

Coxon: Not sure, do you have a link for us to look at?

Coxon: Check paths, and the network tab of your inspector to make sure its being loaded

Musslewhite: Coxon: just a minute. i’ll upload it to the server.

Ruleman: Coxon:

Elamin: That’s an image slider i was trying to use. is it causing the navbar not to work?

Morin: I couldn’t get the slider to work either. that was my next thing to tackle.

Coxon: Down the hall to other channels :p

Coxon: I don’t see a navbar css link in your page

Coxon: Unless its in style.css

Mosiman: I’m just trying to get it to work, at the moment.

Dinan: I might paste it in a separate css.

Coxon: Oh, well its doing everything in the css file

Coxon: There’s not much in there though

Coxon: No positioning/layout rules, just colors

Defabio: Something is wrong with this menu generator.

Karcz: Possibly a cl*** not loading

Twohig: Hey there! I wonder if anyone has experience/aware of this Google’s Materialize css ?

Jauregui: Could someone help me with this to center it both horizontally and vertically ?

Friedel: Try this:

Pinkenburg: Jstrem75 nice, thanks, ill do a little more tweak and should look right then

Harrower: How to postion image ?

Bamforth: But yeah you got it centered tho :

Doughton: Wish one is good for browser mp4 or webm ?

Kabat: Hey folks. This is likely not doable, but: I have two tables, side by side floating, same height. Each has a column with a text string, and a column with a fixed-width number. I’d like to have both of these happen: 1 The column with text expands its width to fit the longest string in that column. 2 The width of this column is the same for both tables even though they might contain different text. Is this

Sterling: Hi, I have created a site using a Mac with highest resolution available. But for non-Retina users, the site is zoomed 25% more. Any ideas what to search for?

Shin: Oh, the solution was to use zoom: .85;

Villagrana: Hiya, I’ve got a couple of 300×300 elements but I want to squeeze a 300×600 element between them

Franchette: But the 300×600 element always sticks out at the top, check out the bin for the layout I want

Torbett: I hope my explanation is clear :

Arron: Anybody know how to spread this menu over the green background?

Maddrey: Glowdemon1 Do you have a test case?

Andrich: Http:// for example

Town: Glowdemon1 Sorry, got disconnected. What was that again?

Eshenbrenner: Http://

Emge: Glowdemon1 If you’ll make a test case on I can edit it to help you.