Giraffe_: a:link is more.

Dunahoe: I see what your trying to say

Gala: Do you know if there is anyway to access the default style sheets inside a browser? i wish to find out the font size for buttons – because playing around with the font is causing all sorts of drama with that 1px

Veneman: The inspector will tell you. it also doesn’t matter. set it to what you want

Nicolette: Wfpkhc, Pixel perfect? Also see ┬┤ignorance

Shimp: Well i tried setting it but now the link looks weird compared to the buttons – so im trying to match it exactly but its being a mongrel and not doing it with %

Veneman: It’s likely not going to look exactly the same

Souphom: I could always float it – but i dont want too.floating ****s

Veneman: How would that solve anything

Granizo: So other then that – do you have any idea bout the 1px?

Fidsky: Hardly the advice of someone that strives for pixel perfection

Abernathy: But still worthy of being mentioned

Nobrega: Thanks for your help im off

Veneman: Don’t gip, don’t gripe, grip!

Rauscher: I know we can encode images as base64 to be used as images in css. but how about base64 encoding unicode chars?

Veneman: What would that even do?

Magoun: Want to use a unicode character as background

Veneman: Usually one encodes unicode as UTF-8, or UTF-16, or UTF-32

Veneman: Sqram: that’s an image

Duchon: Since we specify base64 images as data:image/gif;base64, am wondering if theres a way to use unicode there

Orochena: I got it fixed preaction

Tepper: PIXEL perfection reached.

Rheinschmidt: Anyway thanks again preaction

Veneman: Sqram: it seems to require a mime type, so i’m guessing no, unless text/plain somehow works

Veneman: Or just make a picture

Veneman: Or use a ::before or ::after, add the codepoint, and blow it up to background size

Popple: But since the anchor tag has so much padding, i have to absolute position the pseudo :before

Tetteh: So with background image, i can center it perfectly automatically

Veneman: Absolutely-positioning the before is exactly what you do

Cliffe: Veneman:

Reaves: I would havthe yellowish lightbulb is the :before – i have to absolute position it up a few pixels to have it centered

Aarant: Sqram # first off, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Veneman: Second off, no, your tools get in the way

Veneman: Third off, yes, that’s normal. there’s vertical-align for that

Jannell: I cant valign an absolute positioned element. if absolute positining these things is the norm, i shall do it

Veneman: Right. i’m saying if absolute isn’t amenable to you, there’s line-height and vertical-align

Chiara: Seems like taking the padding out of anchor tag and using line-height does it too

Labarge: Has anyone ever seen an article on webpage popups?

Thaker: Chez: that seems like a very broad and not very useful question to as

Muhammad: What are you actually wanting to know?

Alerte: The general consensus around webpage popups

Parmar: Not a help question, just curious.

Santigo: Chez: javascript alerts? modal windows? tooltips? What are you asking about?

Veneman: The consensus is “no”. thank you for choosing consensus for all your decision needs

Kauk: Http:// any idea why on mobile/some browsers not a specific browser, seemingly random? the text on the button is blue?

Ruggero: Https://

Kelter: Giraffe_, Chrome: :: Firefox: :: Safari: :: IE:

Oestmann: Giraffe_:

Veneman: Giraffe_: a:link is more specific than .btn-success or a. it also comes after both