For example JS for a.

Bowman: Knod, Preferred live pastebins:

Latin: Petralba,

Heckers: Good resource on understanding media queries if you havent worked with them in the past

Pardee: Petralba: Yeah, I know about codepen, etc., but I can’t control what you do with your window and I’m not sure how to display what I want, so building a test case won’t show you what I want, just what I am able to do

Mcfall: I. get. what. you. want.

Mcnett: Petralba: Ok, just want to make sure we’re both on the same page

Alicandro: But i would suggest youcreate a test case

Henman: And have people contribute to your solution

Michalicek: Its easy to say ‘resize the window’

Gianikas: If thats part of the requirement

Maclellan: I just want to make sure that I properly communicate what I want to do

Freudenthal: Where can I read more about prefixes -webkit -moz -ms? like why and when did they add those, a bit of “history” about them.

Gruesbeck: Dang, this is hard to replicate in codepen/non-wordpress

Haner: Is there a way to make a child element that overflows the parent container to make the parent expand?

Adamsen: Jayjo: Do you have an example of what you have? If not, it’s hard to tell what you need to change.

Mausbach: Jayjo it normally expands the parent, but not on all scenarios. can you provide a sample?

Freymuth: Damnit, I have no idea how wordpress does this, so I can’t replicate the situation.

Steppe: Petralba: When you’re back – apparently I’m not skilled enough replicate this in codepen since the original is in wordpress and I have no idea how wordpress is doing this.

Joor: Let’s say you have a label within a form, in the next div, there’s a row with the plain-text values of those fields. after that div is another row but with the form inputs for that particular data

Bonello: Would you be able to reverse the visibility of those two rows with one CSS rule?

Cislo: Or will you need to do a range selector for visible then next child for hidden?

Mehler: I cant figure out why my holder element have transparent background where the inner object has margin

Mehler: If the inner object have a lot of margin-top, then that should just make the holder element larger, right?

Saler: Nemo,

Marrett: Mehler: going to guess you aren’t doing that ↑

Mehler: Https://

Sultemeier: How could I make a “fake address thingie”? You know when you hover over links, in Firefox for example, it shows the address it will go to the in the bottom left/right corner, depending on where the cursor is? I want to make something that looks similar preferably identical which is on top of or nearby the real one.

Mehler: I dont understand why i suddenly come across this issue

Mehler: Been using margins and backgrounds for like two years.

Mehler: Nemo: can you apply “shrink wrap” to my fiddle?

Corella: I can’t even recall the proper term right now.

Mehler: Made another holder container and changed margin to padding and im fine

Mehler: Goes against how i believe margin to be working

Marrett: Mehler: my general policy is not to use jsfiddle for #css questions, and kinda busy, and looks like you figured it out anyway

Schoemer: Have a site with boostrap and when disable javascript some images from html not displayed anyone have idea why

Marrett: Miklosk: I’m gonna guess you’re using javascript for animations and image loading then 😝

Marrett: Miklosk: quick glance at your site, I definitely see some use of that

Marrett: For example JS for a fade-in effect that could be done just as easily in CSS