Felishia, Don’t ask to ask,.

Skordahl: Display: flex question – given flex-flow: row wrap and justify-content: space-around – is there a way to keep margins between rows even with margins between columns?

Milsaps: If not I’ll just leave at 2em, but it would be a nice touch if possible.

Grodin: Do you guys style your scrollbars?

Lighter: Merkazu: Rarely, but understand there are significant limits.

Geffers: Firefox has no way to do it, webkit and IE have different ways to do it.

Borthwick: Aye, design’s wanting me to do it, i’m pushing back on technical limitations

Rowbotham: Further, be cautious about tampering with the UIX of the hosting OS, which scrollbars are a part of.

Hendee: Point this out to them as well then – scrollbars will look different even in the same browser depending on OS.

Elzy: Uix being user interface/experience?

Schmal: Safari, for example, uses completely different scroll bars in OSX then in IOS

Mccuistion: The scrollbars on iOS dissappear completely when scrolling isn’t occuring, and given how valuable the real estate on a phone screen is that’s not something to be keen on losing.

Kamrath: Toying with the colors of the scrollbars should be fine – but anything much beyond that becomes treacherous to implement and it won’t be possible to maintain across all browsers – further, your will have to test not only all browsers, but all browser and OS combinations.

Lattner: Same is true of form controls, particularly select, checkbox and radio buttons.

Dina: Anyway, after reviewing the spec I don’t think there’s a way to do what I’m thinking of on the flex question above.

Gayman: What would cause video autoplay to not autoplay? I still have to right click and choose “play”

Nalder: Rise64.cspr.link port : 6667 — new discussion server

Marcou: But what if i wanted to use a new discussion server

Pannone: How use grayscale100% on IE11?

Pannone: I need to transform my hole website html to grayscale

Mclelland: Any idea on creating half borders?

Wilmer: Zeroquake: what do you mean under half border?

Valenciana: I have say a div with 10*10px measurements

Divoll: I need to display only 50% of left border

Brindley: The top 50% should be white background

Borom: I would probably use an after pseudo-element positioned absolutely

Simonin: I am trying to do that with a div and use margin

Borom: Oh, you’ll need ‘display: block;’ and “content: ‘ ‘”

Balicki: Ylet me try it out , thank you

Hotze: Running into this error with flexbox on safari http://clarkis.me/drop/Screen-Shot-2015-09-14-14-01-22.png

Olarte: Wondering if anyone has an insight to the issue

Dines: Borom, it works , but on page load , the 1px half border is going under another element , but in dev tools if u deselect and select absolute position , half border shifts to top left

Colding: Hello. How can I have 5 li elements inline and centered in the page, but the first one in the same line on the far left of the page but not in ‘absolute’ position?

Clites: Bprompt: http://ikindalikelanguages.com/ – see the top menu? I want the logo which says ‘I kinda like languages’ to be on the far left.

Gucman: Bprompt: and they’re all lis under the same ul and with display: inline;

Berstler: Vegitto: you could just float it

Younkin: Bprompt: if I float it and gradually decrease screen width, the other ones e.g. COURSES start covering the logo

Loeber: I need help with CSS 😮

Fast: Vegitto: well, you could, give it an explicit width to the float, and then a margin-left negative by that much, but either way, seems to me, markup wise, that that LI doesn’t belong on the navigation menu, thus the issue

Furler: Felishia, Don’t ask to ask, or ask if anyone can help. Just ask your question or state your problem and wait. Oh, and be sure to read the channel topic.