Extreminador: It’s the same.

Norment: How would I solve my problem with a grid framework?

Vaneaton: As long as I don’t know the size of the different containers.

Hinckle: Knobo1: What problem are you facing? Paste your code on jsfiddle.net and explain what you’re trying to do.

Forpahl: Derstrom: here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33711276

Vida: Knobo1: Can you briefly explain what it is that you ultimately want to do? You have three main containers, what is it that you want to accomplish with them?

Schirpke: I want two regions on my screen. One at the bottom, and one at the top. The bottom part can grow, then the top part should shrink

Bodkin: The top part is one left and one right part. The right part is my problem. It grows too much.

Reber: Can someone explain what is the style cl***”cp-pen-styles” ?

Harloff: And pushes the bottom part out of the browser window, making it scroll.

Aponte: Extreminador: It could be for anything.

Dowler: Extreminador: something the website uses, “cp-pen” codepen as in in codepen.io website

Coltrin: Many example i see online use that but i can´t find any cl*** with that name

Aris: So, this is an even simpler example without flex: http://codepen.io/knobo/pen/EVGqJR

Lother: Knobo1: Is it possibly because you need to set margin to 0 on body{}

Newcombe: Knobo1: got a design sheet? or a picture of what you’re after?

Antuna: I have one working example with javascript.

Badilla: Bprompt: http://codepen.io/knobo/pen/wKRNjr/

Haynsworth: Hi, on this page when looking at it in Internet Explorer, and you scroll up, the iframe goes over the menu, is there a fix for it, i searched but non of the solutions i found seemed to work, http://bit.ly/1PHfa7v

Respers: Where I have fixed it with javascript.

House: I use a callback on resize event, and sets .top css to max-height: calc100% – Xpx

Pantoni: Knobo1: set body { margin: 0px }

Dininger: Derstrom: that does not help.

Hergert: The image in the example is 1800 px high.

Hutchison: Knobo1: that looks very simplistic to do. got a picture of the actual design for the page ? as in, including what goes where, what kind of content

Berentz: I think the js-version of codepen should be quite clear. http://codepen.io/knobo/pen/wKRNjr/ it shows that when I resize the browser the elements moves around correctly. And when I click on the button the other containers moves around corectly.

Alaya: The problem is that as long as I use javascript, it means that I don’t know css and that disturbs me.

Kirstein: Well, I got that, but why does the left have to be scrollable? why do the buttons need to have wrapped up text? why the text will be so long? are they even buttons with such a long text? what’s on the left side?

Keicher: The right has to be scrollable rather

Cohea: The right can be scrollable or hidden. I have not desided yet. The content comes from an XML feed that I don’t have controll of.

Raffety: Knobo1: but what is the content? so we can tell whether it can have a fixed value or just a relative, but layout wise, is rather very simplistic

Cammon: How can i make the webpage dim when a checkbox is checked

Dugar: Harry3: use some overlay, set it to display: none, when the checkbox is checked, set it to block

Tassie: Bprompt: the content is images and text paragraphs. I guess the user have to scroll to see everything in .right

Lybert: Where can i see what the -webkit-flex-wrap means ?

Gehrig: Knobo1: that’s all rather ***ue though, as aforementioned, layout wise, what you have there, isn’t a biggie, mostly just need relative units, but then again, depending on content, you may not need some values or properties

Gioriano: When i try to search on css trick it’s does not found nothing

Kingdon: Extreminador: It’s the same as this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/flex-wrap – it’s the vendor prefix for WebKit-based browsers like Safari and Opera