Eddins: it’s a css.

Eddins: No need to set any width, in other words

Wakeling: Right, I though it would be pointless, I wanted to make sure

Digirolamo: In media queries, does width refer to the smallest dimension of the device/screen area or does it refer to the width of the given orientation?

Pam: If you’re displaying the results on a digital device then you should use digital relative units.

Shubov: Yo. how do I change the placeholder text in an input box?

Pam: Shubov, by changing the value of the placeholder attribute.

Shubov: What is the attribute?

Shubov: Can I do it with css?

Shubov: Https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/style-placeholder-text/

Pam: I thought you wanted to change the contents of it based on your original statement.

Pam: As you found you can style it, though slightly differently in each browser.

Shubov: Why doesn’t bootstrap use EM?

Ianuzzi: Pam: could you please explain further why inches/cm is a bad idea if everything’s vector-based?

Pam: Rabblerbl, I already did. You’re displaying the end results in a digital device that is based around the idea of pixels.

Balder: Pam: But pixel density differs between devices. Two devices may have the same dimensions but widely different pixles per inch.

Nason: So how do you make sure that you don’t end up displaying the desktop css layout on a device that has the dimensions of a phone

Pam: Rabblerbl, you can use the viewport meta tag to change how your page is rendered by giving it a fixed size but that’s generally not considered a good idea anymore.

Pam: Also CSS’s definition of pixels doesn’t correspond 1=1 with device pixels. There’s a description of that somewhere I think.

Pam: Rabblerbl, http://www.quirksmode.org/blog/archives/2010/04/a_pixel_is_not.html

Nesbeth: Why can’t i center a display:inline-block div with margin: 0 auto

Pam: Because inline items follow the flow.

Pam: You can use text-align: center; on the parent, though the contents of that item will also be centered unless you apply a text-align directive to it.

Ensz: So i need a wrapping div?

Pam: Ahhh. Maybe you ought to post a test-case.

Tinnell: I’ve set h1,h2,h3 line height to 0 and adjusted vertical space with margin-bottom, now I had a problem and I have to use line-height instead of margin-bottom. how can I calculate and convert margin-bottom to line-height?

Eddins: Atralheaven_: why on earth would you set line height to 0?

Joans: It was a very very simple page that time.

Eddins: Atralheaven_: ok, well that would be a sign that something was wrong. I’d delete that CSS and start over

Gruben: Done : was very easy!

Rega: I want to remove a table column in the devtools, do I have to remove th:s and td:s manually?

Rega: Just to see how the table would look without that column

Deveaux: How can I find out how many pixels wide the screen is on iPhone 6+?

Larr: Apparently, device-width of iPhone 6 is 375px, of iPhone 6 Plus is 414px

Durhan: But then they have like a ‘window.devicePixelRatio = 3’ attribute and I’m not really sure what that means

Baro: Hi there, who’s able to help on this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32679906/css-webkit-filter-blur-on-video-define-edges?noredirect=1#comment53205324_32679906

Niu: I have no clue at the moment :

Cady: I just want to hide the dges under the screen but translate is making it impossible for me :/

Corraro: Yes ok but is not the solution to my problem

Montford: Am I blind or anyone sees “WordPress” optimeze on that script? http://codecanyon.net/item/media-boxes-portfolio-responsive-grid/5683020

Eddins: Montford: sorry? This is #css

Eddins: What is ‘wordpress optimise’?

Montford: Eddins: it’s a css code