Eddins, does a carousel.

Swearegene: Arcanine69, On the forms page, main container is set to 960 width, 0 left/right margin. On the services page, it is set the same was. Different style sheets. soo :/ But they are not appearing the same width

Swearegene: Eddins, check the form page. I removed almost all alignment html code. One student made a “template” that had a bunch in it.

Swearegene: Eddins, Actually, the “Home” page is the “starter template” they made. I used that as a base for the form page

Swearegene: Eddins, I just caught some brs on the footer. taking them off the form page now : You got me looking

Sanden: Swearegene: the form-page container is capital

Duane: If I have a background-image url , and I want it centered — but the image itself isn’t centered — how do i css background-position: 30px 0px; in a responsiveness way

Reprogle: Swearegene: the service page container is not capital

Duane: Like — I need it off centered at 5% to the right?

Duane: But background-position doesn’t take the % unit

Esplin: Swearegene: look at the id=”Container”

Eilerman: Swearegene: one is capital and the other isn’t

Bradicich: Eddins, i figured it out. I really only needed background-position: center

Swearegene: Arcanine69, I am not seeing a non cap “Container”

Swearegene: Arcanine69, I found the cap thing you were referring to. Fixed but still only a total of 910 width on the element.

Susor: How do i adjust the positioning of my text in relation to the rest of the button? http://autolotto.com/5

Ventrice: Like veritcally center the text

Falge: Eddins, are you stil there?

Pasek: Eddins, nvm lol i pushed my changes to http://muse.codes/ and it was still showing the old behavior on our about page even after i refreshed. It took me a second to realize i had to clear the cache to get the new content. phew

Lessor: Swearegene: there is more margin on the form page then on the services page

Duane: Https://jsfiddle.net/gcqbs326/

Liang: Swearegene: because there bein more margin on the services page its causin the box width to shrink

Duane: How do i center Sander’s face

Swearegene: Arcanine69, there isn’t any margin set on either pages .container.

Swearegene: Arcanine69, nothing hard coded that I could find anyways

Mannion: Swearegene: on the #container there is a marign applied of 0px auto

Buechler: Swearegene because of auto, that margin will change dynamically .

Swearegene: Arcanine69, yea but that should change based off of two things correct? The hard coded width being the inner restraint and the width of the viewing area as the outter constraint ?

Eddins: Nattyrice: don’t you want it like this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/g3lqvtlplpcq679/Screenshot%202015-09-11%2014.45.37.png

Swearegene: On both pages, the width is defined as 960 in the #container

Eddins: Nattyrice: to achieve that, do this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8bbet4qqqrvamqk/Screenshot%202015-09-11%2014.46.19.png

Swearegene: Arcanine69, am I making sense?

Magaziner: Swearegene: on the services page its showing up as 910px and on the form page its showing up as 960px

Swearegene: Arcanine69, inspect element,

Swearegene: Arcanine69, look at the css code.

Euton: Swearegene: get rid of the padding of 25px on the services page and it turns into 960px width again

Miu: Swearegene: nah you are counting wrong

Luedeman: Swearegene: on the services page its 910px with 50px of padding

Vitera: You cant have the width set to 960px and do the padding because it would be 960px + 50px = 1010 px

Benzel: You cant have the page sized as 1010px because you defined the width as 960px

Swearegene: Arcanine69, One moment, taking a SS of what I see on my end :

Swearegene: Arcanine69, http://postimg.org/image/evsldqjs1/

Sellars: Eddins, does a carousel necessarily have to butt up against the top? i thought it looked silly with the navbar over her head like that. but i am not a designer so idk