Duoi # the initial value.

Jacobovits: If you click “show all”, you get a completely different view which shows that cell as filled in green. What gives?

Thobbs: Brzuchalski: That doesn’t explain anything at all.

Brzuchalski: Green means its supported

Nemecek: That’s the premise. Not the solution.

Seratt: Are you able to read my messages?

Baldon: Is the site broken or something?

Drzazgowski: Why is it showing an empty cell unless you click some button?

Brzuchalski: No, thats how its always worked. they don’t show *every* browser version at first, it would take up too much space

Pirrotta: The cell is SHOWN, but is EMPTY.

Brzuchalski: Why are you obsessing over this?

Worthy: Because that whole site seems completely broken.

Ziter: And very, very misleading.

Brzuchalski: Nope, its intentional. if you spent time playing around with it, you might even figure out why it does that

Guritz: Or you could tell me instead of playing stupid games.

Minalga: I have spent enough time trying to figure out that site’s inane usability issues.

Brzuchalski: If you don’t like it, don’t use it?

Eddins: If you feel it’s confusing, you can suggest an improvement https://github.com/Fyrd/caniuse/issues

Maisch: Ignoring the whole issue. useless.

Heidemann: And I don’t “feel” it’s confusing.

Fee: In fact, it’s a serious bug.

Brzuchalski: Either way, lets move on

Brzuchalski: Its a silly topic to spend time arguing about

Kidner: It’s extremely relevant since the site constantly needs to be used to know what can be used.

Dubeau: What’d you guys do to poor undrinkablesoup

Beaston: I’m a php/python/c kind of guy

Woloszyn: CSS/HTML are my weak points as you’re about to tell

Racanello: Https://astromess.com

Vandevander: If you see at the bottom left I want to move the spinning disks to the top center

Farrelly: The html makes sense afaik

Dummermuth: So if someone could help me on the CSS portion?

Marcheski: Unfortunately you’re using bootstrap, not CSS

Conrad: What I will say is that DOCTYPE HTML needn’t be capitalized, and therefore shouldn’t be

Liebau: Meta elements are, except for the pointless viewport conspiracy, useless

Lipkovitch: Script elements don’t need type attributes in HTML5

Slenker: Link elements for CSS don’t need type attributes in HTML5

Soler: Br/br is wrong-ish, try br better yet don’t use br’s for spacing/layout

Gearin: H1’s don’t go within p’s

Harvin: How do i convert it to css

Barocio: Reisio, yah breaks are temp until I add that in css

Marsella: Quang: no idea, /msg alis list *less*

Tazewell: How should scripts be loaded in?

Hazlett: Brzuchalski, less CSS preprocessor – http://lesscss.org – ##lesscss A work in progress, stick around to help it grow.

Leno: Lessc is not recognized

Veneman: So you didn’t install it, or the binary isn’t on the right path. you might want to ask the node people how to install node things

Harty: Hi, i’m using a remote stylesheet which automatically sets max-height of a property to 40px or something like that. how can i remove/ignore that max-height property without downloading the stylesheet and manually editing it?

Veneman: Override it with your own rule

Sorrell: ReScO, any good sites I can learn CSS properly?

Fielder: Veneman, which rule would i use to make it dynamic? 100%?

Veneman: Duoi: no. set it to the initial value

Pecoraro: Duoi # the initial value appears to be “none”, CSS ‘max-height’ property: http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/visudet.html#propdef-max-height