Duikb00t: no amount of.

Aucter: Mark__: what kind of browser support do you need?

Muckelvaney: Mark__: new modern browsers only?

Restuccia: Well bascially it needs to support every browser i guess.

Allbee: I don’t know why all the elements are floating around the page right now

Humpert: Maybe i did something wrong

Nazar: The easiest way of centering something is to use #your-element h1{ width: 100% ;} and #your-element a {display: block; margin auto;}

Zumbo: Mark__: you also need to set the width of the a element.

Gnau: Mark__: the layout.min.css says that the header h1 should float left.

Lai: Urg, i don’t even know what i want to do with this page

Votraw: Im such a horrible designer.

Bertrum: Try refreshing your page. http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/request

Mellish: If you scroll just a bit

Asplund: You see how the menu appears smoothely from the top?

Maltz: But the title, search bar and the menus are not in the same height as it does on the menu that appears when reach the top of the page?

Nordman: Im trying to fix that first.

Euertz: Now, i didn’t build this webpage myself so im not sure wether they are duplicating the same menu layer or not

Stears: But if you got something else to do, don’t waste your time on my website

Staude: I guess you have a problem yourself.

Majkut: Mark__: I’m learning css my self now.

Rickon: I think i got it fixed somehow. thanks

Lorsung: Actually i need your advice on one more thing

Birts: If you refresh the page, you see the search bar is aligned nicely vertically?

Montalvo: Http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/request

Whitemore: But as you scroll down, you see how it’s out of sync?

Stana: Now, how do i fix that?

Haislett: Urrg, css is so complicated.

Jeanneret: I give up for tonight

Wragge: I’m not sure why this is happening. There is an overlap in text and video http://postimg.org/image/6ktgk93kx/

Souers: I posted a Stackoverflow question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33689093/video-tag-take-up-full-browser-space

Hook: Bradfordli123: I can not see any video tag

Sahr: I updated the my question and created a fiddle!

Wolansky: Knobo1: https://jsfiddle.net/liondancer/m3xug7vo/

Nierenberg: Can anybody give me a hand on aligning the search bar to the vertical center on this page? http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/request

Chatley: Hi, I have a TABLE inside a DIV, there seems to be some padding around it. I have set both padding and margin to 0. I don’t get this padding if I add a DIV inside the DIV instead?

Sava: Border-spacing: 0px; fixed it :

Freshley: Hey, im fiddling around with a template trying to understand how things work. you can see it at http://www.boringville.com/novarea/new2/ – the section im having trouble with is the ‘events’ section. it had two panels, which worked fine, but when i tried to copy and paste the existing ones to have three, the layout messed up as you can see with a desktop browser, looks fine in mobile. other

Fineberg: Sections that work the same welcome to the zoo handle more that 2 entries fine

Hemmann: Any idea what im doing wrong with the events ?

Grave: How can I keep my image aspec ratio but limit it in height?

Colabrese: I want to say img max-height: 350px; but the image should be proportional

Hurley: Twisti Seems you miss maybe some ‘clear’ both ?

Ozols: Duikb00t: not sure what you mean by that

Stegeman: Is there any code to move the image to the center of page ?, for text we have text-align center; but for image i dont know how

Belski: Duikb00t: no amount of clear: both on those div cl***es seems to have any effect