Drej: heh cheater, you’re.

Rouselle: What about using javascript based scrollbars as last resort?

Auls: Huge perf hit on mobile

Swartzel: And google use them too :O

Lagace: Ever seen a transform rotate that’s transitioned that goes the opposite direction sometimes?

Lamascolo: Mbm: you may have to set the inintial translatex offset with javascript

Fehr: Hm, the element could grow with its content horizontally

Mahrer: If they are dynamic width

Sockwell: Like from 135 to 315 and back

Murillo: Sometimes it goes left, sometimes it goes right

Kloc: Is there a way to tell it to always go one way?

Tardugno: I think it rotates the element clockwise from its current position, but it looks like in chrome it doesn’t know sometimes

Violet: Drej: quick and dirty – http://retry.abort.fail/test3.html note the clipping imposed by the scrollable #list element

Schickel: Drej: I did have one other thought, dynamically calculating a complex clip-path:polygon. for the previous version :/

Kemppainen: I dont see why that #list would be hiding that overflow.

Jabs: Mbm: hide the right overhand with the body/html

Chruch: Body,html { width: 100vw; overflow: hidden; }

Wryals: Drej: because the actual element can be scrolled with the y-axis the contents of the element is clipped to the body of the element :/

Bystron: Not if you set overflow: overlay

Widdison: Drej: that’s the problem, overflow-x of visible or overlay don’t actually work when you have overflow-y set to scroll

Onorati: Mbm: http://jsfiddle.net/b01c5Lpw/

Quiroz: Actually you ust need one more container

Reichle: Can inline svg ever be made responsive?

Penny: As a whole i mean, not like per element

Boekhout: Responsive like goes in a div, behaves like a good element

Loyst: Drej: only way it works is if the scrolling container is the 100vw/vh but then it starts blocking pointer events to the layers behind

Perng: Sobczynski: inline svg is svg – so you can add styles – mediaqueries to it, why not

Abes: Yeah I’m using it in an object tag right now

Rinaldo: Sobczynski: the question is rather the browser support for it

Jondrow: But seems like React hates me for doing that hashtag_

Delsavio: Https://svgontheweb.com/

Hausner: Sobczynski: are you trying to attach events to svg ?

Golomb: Does React change the object dimensions?

Kellon: Maybe the browser engine doesn’t redraw/re-evaluate because it is changed “unnaturally”

Weikert: Drej: yep, I have it working outside of React, but trying to do a naive port to react is not working out so well

Willhoite: Https://svgontheweb.com/#mediaqueries

Jasko: Responsive icons made possible

Filsaime: Though for custom fonts I have to use html based composites yet

Arrellin: I was looking at a font-based UK map a while ago, but couldn’t really get it working well

Edey: So I’m using this SVG instead

Famulare: Sobczynski: font outlines to curves converted?

Mally: Mbm: http://jsfiddle.net/b01c5Lpw/2/

Payer: Can someone help me with buttons

Korzyniowski: Im trying to make a horizontal menu with text under it

Habenicht: And the text apear in the right of the buttons

Counterman: Hashtag_: I’m not sure, not gonna lie, I try a lot of things without knowing how they’re actually working lol. I just know that there are font sets for certain maps that work _really_ well

Courtenay: Hashtag_: none that I was able to find for UK county-level though

Genz: What about embedding maps, d3 or openstreet map?

Casagrande: Drej: heh cheater, you’re scrolling the entire page interesting though