Dr-007: No unfortunately not.

Hinsch: Http://

Koehring: Everything is in a container

Krylo: How can I make it go away?

Helke: Morissette: its the .row inside footer

Hillan: Margin-left/right: -15px

Pozzobon: Thanks I really appreciate the help

Holterman: And yes I know green is a horrible color. I don’t choose company colors

Bethel: Hello. What is the simplest way to make android and ios browsers use a different stylesheet file?

Lehr: Mission712phone: why would you do that?

Donato: Is it because you’re building a hybrid-mobile app with phonegap or similar?

Kazabi: It’s just that I’m using jquery and the scroll event doesn’t do very good on mobile

Parlato: That’s a good reason to not hijack scroll events

Wyrosdick: So the short answer is, you can use useragent properties with javascript to determine if its android or ios

Alias: But they’re not 100% accurate

Beckstrand: Overall though, i would recommend you don’t hijack scroll events, even on desktop

Whitson: Basically when you scroll down the top navigation bar closes based on the amount of scroll and when page is scrolled down more than 150 px the navbar closes and turns into a togglable sidebar. Here is the test domain: testay.bydemir.net

Roat: Also, i hope you’re gong to optimize that background tile

Stellhorn: The scroll is very choppy on mobile so I wanted to just make a topbar on mobile

Lawn: Yeah that’s a test image

Gabay: Oki, as long as you’re aware

Oldham: I saw somewhere that somebody set a mobile stylesheet by setting media something on link tag. Is that possible?

Loverink: Petralba, http://cssmediaqueries.com/

Difillippo: Mission712phone: they’re called media queries

Socha: But they wont help you with javascript

Kazarian: Since its javascript you’re using to keep track of the scroll event etc

Troccoli: As way to make this work in chrome?

Cormier: Why do you have -webkit- prefix?

Lorge: Bad google skills, i have it without it also

Thissen: So wavy is an experimental feature

Forcier: And won’t be enabled by default in chrome

Brodbeck: Because it’s not part of the official css spec yet

Janulewicz: Yeah, also not supported afaik

Maenpaa: I Plan to remove the scroll checking completely on mobile.

Demick: Is there any way to both horizontally and vertically center objects without using 2 divs?

Ratelle: Every vertical centering technique i’ve seen – including the exclusively css3 ones – requires at least two elements: a container, and the object that’s being centered.

Nolau: Chris Coyier’s roundup from last year is still a pretty good reference: https://css-tricks.com/centering-css-complete-guide/

Douyette: Hey guys. i’ve got a google maps map in my website. in this map i’ve placed a marker with an infoWindow. the infowindow it a textbaloon with a little arrow at the bottom. the arrow “comes out” of the GPS marker i’ve put.

Norsworthy: This little arrow is disconnected from the rest of the textbaloon/infowindow.

Flachs: I’m not using any custom CSS inside google maps

Ildefonso: Hi! I have a school ***ignment to redesign http://www.csszengarden.com/ with only css. So this where I’m at right now http://webshare.hkr.se/ADHA0012/zengarden/. I’m wondering how I can target the “by” text in the “Select a Design:” section. I want all of the text to be in the middle. I can’t change the html file.

Deffenbaugh: Anyone know how to fix this? so the arrow is connected to the rest of the infowindow

Laffin: Tester23, text-align: center

Gonchoff: Doesn’t do the trick?

Avellino: Dr-007: No unfortunately not.