Dopie: .col-sm-3 means that.

Omer: Then using html create a ul of 9 images inside a div?

Abedi: Well i only want them on one section of a page, so I guess it would be div cl***=”name” ul li image/li and so on

Pigao: Why not just ul cl***=”name”

Bud: I mean, why add the extra div if you dont need it?

Steczo: As few unsemantic/decorative purpose html as possible

Boisjolie: Is there a good manual on how to use flexbox?

Steczo: AntonioRibeiro: yes, personally I found that being very helpful:

Bhakta: Steczo, nice! Thanks!

Lungren: Is it valid to comment a line in css file like this “//” ?

Schlaefer: C-style comments only

Steczo: You can use a CSS preprocessor or postprocessor which will clean them up or transform them into normal CSS comments though

Steczo: But of course, this wouldn’t be CSS – it would be something like SCSS/S*** or unprocessed PostCSS

Cutrone: Can anyone figure out why my images are not signing up correctly with bootstrap

Mennecke: Http://

Overbaugh: If you scroll down the models are off a few

Schlaefer: Dopie: it’s because you’ve got a single row with 87 columns. there’s only supposed to be 12 columns per row

Schlaefer: That’s how you’ll solve it, at least. mechanically, it’s because the images that are wrong have an image above them that is slightly smaller than all the other images. so the float does what it’s supposed to do

Schlaefer: Dopie: some other things: a “view more” link is weird. have the words, but make the entire picture clickable. and keeping the text behind a hover is generally bad, information is useful, don’t hide it

Clinton: Schlaefer, I agree but the they want it like that

Hoschouer: Thank you so much for that!

Schlaefer: I can understand why they might think they want the hidden text, but the “view more” as a link and not as the entire picture is just bad UX.

Tennison: Are you providing user experience suggestions for a **** site?

Villalta: Can someone help me with this question:

Lanski: Using absolute position is a good ideia guys ?

Schlaefer: Extreminador: if that’s what you need, yes

Forth: I am asking this cause for example if i place a diferent browser size some things disapear

April: Like background color

Kallman: Is there any solution for that or it’s just some css bug

Schlaefer: Generally the last thing on your mind should be “css bug”. yes, there is likely some solution for that

Peppard: Extreminador, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Schlaefer: Ice_Strike: you have white-space: nowrap. what do you expect to happen?

Bartnett: Ok wait a sec them please

Allbritten: Not one sec but a little more

Tietje: Can you guys check the page here please ?

Lynch: Looks just about ready to push to production extreminador

Huf: Guys, using bootstrap to make two boxes side by side with the grid gutter as the margin between them, do I really need to create 3 divs before the main box div ? .container .row .wrapper .actual-box ?

Sagendorf: Try ##bootstrap for bs questions lianzinho

Scherz: Nice, sorry, did’n’t know it existed!

Hoivik: Schlaefer, how about now.

Sapienza: I separated them into rows

Ker: Http://

Unangst: The content is overlapping the cell border, how to fix this?

Schlaefer: Dopie: .col-sm-3 means that takes up 3 columns in the grid. there are 12 columns per row, not 12 divs per row