Does a nest form inherit.

Mutner: Does this look right?: body{ background-image: url”img/background.png”;}

Saulter: Leptone: looks reasonable

Hergenrader: Https://

Jerich: Yeah im not seeing an image

Cuddeback: You probably have some other css that’s overriding it or maybe you got the path to the image wrong?

Lipps: I also tried loading it as the lask link tag

Privott: Leptone: create a simple example page rather than linking to your source code

Cipriani: Duch_kazatel: We can’t do that either :

Public: Mbm not workin on the tesp page either

Psilovikos: Cipriani: if it was a fixed set of data-* you could just list them all

Cipriani: Mbm: it kind of is, thinking about maybe having gulp generate the selector

Nizo: Mbm think i figured it out tho

Vimont: Hi there, just wondering how to set up a two vertical stacked divs with a right sidebar. i can get it to the left but not the right

Shah: Hi all. I was wondering if someone could tell me how I could add an animation to each element in a list with a delay?

Bassiti: So animate all of them in the list one after the other after n seconds?

Lodrigue: Tds5016, what is the plan?

Strotman: Welp, looks like my only option is to handle the nth element. but there will literally be thousands of elements.

Ausley: So that isn’t really a solid option.

Lodrigue: Http://

Tremaine: Is there a way to programmatically say after .1seconds from the last element of this type add this transition effect?

Lodrigue: I use animation-delay there to syncrinse the items.

Grzywacz: Are you using only css?

Veiga: Also, are you adding the animation delay programatically?

Kopplin: Or are you using it per item?

Herzing: Nth element selection, etc?

Lodrigue: I use it pepr item, yeah nth-child perhaps

Geyette: That solution really won’t work because I’d have n elements I need to apply the effect to.

Lodrigue: If you want is for random n elements to work you need some eventhandler via js.

Stradtner: Yeah, I was trying to avoid that :-/.

Eddins: Tds5016: This article showed some different effects http://tymp****.net/codrops/2012/11/29/simple-effects-for-drop-down-lists/

Eddins: Could be a wise idea to programatically add inline styles

Via: Meh, this isn’t worth the energy. lol.

Lodrigue: AnimationEnd event what you need to switch the animation to an other element.

Spachtholz: I have a css selector gid*=”Foo” text {} so it selects all with id ending in Foo. but I want another selector that can end in Bar. gid*=”Bar” text {} how can I do that?

Fortmann: Perfect thanks mmmmmmmark

Mclean: Hi. I want those red divs aligned side by side into infinity: can anyone please help me?

Carlow: Http://

Chol: The blue div will show them one by one using a slider…

Eddins: Horacsio:

Eleby: Eddins: there is a website to check if css is cross browser… I don’t remember it

Eddins: Horacsio: I ***ume?

Tingwald: Eddins… yes! 😀 I hate my tired brain

Kranze: And I lost my bookmark.

Traugott: Okushi: white-space isn’t widely supported :

Christello: Eddins: could you please explain me this: ?

Eddins: That’s not support for that property – read the heading

Eddins: It is well-supported

Gumbs: Does a nest form inherit the same margin/padding as a parent div?