Do you honestly not.

Brentson: OnceMe: Do you need to target pseudo-cl***es? If not, have you considered inline styles?

Castilla: Brentson:I am targetting pseudo cl***es, but its way more complicated.

Huber: Each user can tweak its own “thing” on object, so I store tweak in database, and there is like 100 different tweaks for one “thing”

Led: Its not that easy on the first look

Brentson: OnceMe: You’ll have to do it via back-end or use JS.

Wu: Effowe, Preferred live pastebins:

Rollheiser: Effowe, a pared-down testcase is a page that isolates the problem with the minimum required markup, styling and scripting. See paste for services that easily let you create such testcases for others to see.

Mauseth: My SCSS looks dirty and hacky to me. Is it just me? Is there anything I could improve?

Ohlmann: Mauseth: #s*** for that question :

Mauseth: Ohlmann: I don’t really think it’s very s*** specific

Mauseth: I’m new to html and css, so maybe I’m just structuring my do***ent wrong, using selectors wrong, or whatever

Mauseth: But if you feel it’s scss related, I’ll ask in #s***

Meske: Scss things are scss specific

Mauseth: Artois: that’s the thing, I’m not asking for everything scss specific

Epple: This also isn’t #genericlanguagesyntaxcriticism

Mauseth: I guess #css-codereview doesn’t exist :

Reighard: Mauseth: it is style, not code 😛

Reighard: Html is markup, not code, either

Reighard: Nodejs/php is code on the other hand

Reighard: Well, it depends on the definition of “code”

Mauseth: Right. I don’t want to get into a semantic argument.

Reighard: Css review? who wants that?

Reighard: I mean, it is minified anyway in production, right?

Reighard: Maybe with browser inspector

Reighard: How much markup had to be changed for the targeted design vs how much was done just by css

Mauseth: Reighard: well, having it work is not my only goal

Reighard: Very good, it should also be maintainable

Mauseth: Indeed, I don’t feel my current *markup* wink wink is maintainable

Reighard: Hm, you are using s***?

Reighard: Autoprefixer instead mixins or even manually adding them?

Reighard: Eyegl***/npm packages for s***?

Reighard: Css mq combiner/minification, build tool like gulp?

Reighard: Do you feel you repeat styles over projects?

Reighard: Do you experience fear when opening the stylesheet? :O

Sublett: How can I fix this select box issue in Safari?

Salgado: Http://

Troost: Hey anyone help me with a CSS problem? on I have an advertising panel, it’s a masonry.js layout but for some reason the ad panel overlaps one of the grid elements.

Guntert: Is it ok to ask with jsbin example?

Hoey: I want to have container next to sidebar, with bootstrap container’s padding:,css,output

Hickethier: Artois: CHeck the link

Alcoser: How can I fix this select box issue in Safari?

Merlo: Does anyone have any ideas on how i would get the baseline of all the 24s to line up, while also keeping the boxes aligned?

Leitner: Merlo: what does “line up” means for the 24’s, and what does “align” mean for the boxes? keep in mind that, alignment is in relation to something, same thing with line up

Merlo: I want their base lines to be aligned, all the 24s

Merlo: Do you honestly not understand when you read what i say and you click the link