Do you find it better? then.

Vaszily: Veneman: Oh wait, I am using an SVG library.

Gerdeman: I mean, I’m using the SVG API

Gambrel: The HTML element specifically that is not rendering correctly is a span

Dodimead: Can anyone help me with image positioning within a boostrap column?

Weinzimer: AimerPaddle: /msg alis list *bootstrap*

Kertz: I need to lint scss files

Alrich: What are some of the better packages that will allow me to check scss syntax?

Gatrell: Is opacity a value relative to parent ?

Brzuchalski: 1 is no transparency, 0 is full transparency

Dederich: I’ve got a nested div, the outer one has .5 opacity, and the child is 1 opacity, but it is rendered as semi transulcent both background color on outer div and the text inside

Brzuchalski: Ah, i see what you mean

Brzuchalski: Opacity affects all children

Heyen: Right! so it’s as designed, not a bug on my side

Brzuchalski: So you can’t “override” a parent’s opacity on the children

Welburn: So I’ll have to build the translucent background as a sibling, not as parent.

Devereaux: Will look weird on hierarchy, but. whatever it works :

Lindo: Hey guys, could anyone ***ist me in accomplishing this?

Heinritz: Whats a popular scss linting program?

Selbig: Hey guys, could anyone ***ist me in accomplishing this?

Lodrigue: Jeffreylevesque,

Lodrigue: Upss sorry PickAndMix

Dowdall: Lodrigue: okay! taking a look at it

Hysom: Lodrigue: Basically I’m ***uming it’s a list and arranges according to alphabets. And the bottom right is the next button, so as you can see above the # A B C, they will change according to which alphabet are shown

Wragge: Lodrigue: is that a css or a javascript implementation

Brzuchalski: Jeffreylevesque: did you google for ‘scss linter’?

Vredenburg: Lodrigue: do you have any idea how I could accomplish something similar to that?

Beaugard: Lodrigue: through the multi-column?

Chambers: I have, but curious what most use to scss linting?

Veneman: Likely the first hit on google :p

Brzuchalski: Or nothing, since the compiler will yell at you anyways

Brzuchalski: And since it takes under a second to compile, a linter would just take longer

Lodrigue: PickAndMix,

Ganiron: Brzuchalski is scss linting pointless in your opinion?

Graven: Lodrigue: thanks, I get that, but how do you sync the A B C with the shown list alphabets?

Lodrigue: PickAndMix, ah that should be serverside code. or javascript generated content.

Helde: Lodrigue: right. Thanks! :

Lodrigue: PickAndMix, this all you can do in css, Any other things are js or php.

Useted: Lodrigue: I see. I’m trying to code it out in CSS now, will head on to JS after!

Schmahl: Http:// — can someone tell me why is the text below the background?

Lodrigue: Scot, z-index only works on absolute,relative, fized, or animated elements.

Lodrigue: Scot, this implementation is better:

Flicker: Nice, I cant change opacity, and it doesnt affect the text!

Churner: Is it generally better syntax to add a single space after a colon, for a css attribute?

Bothe: And better to have each css definition on its own line?

Speich: Is that general practice?

Veneman: Do you find it better? then it’s your own best practice