Balasa: Are you reading what i’m typing at all?

Balasa: The fact that what you gave isn’t code aside, there’s only 2 avatars there

Mishoe: You want proof that i’m trying to code this or what? 😀

Balasa: Yes, i want your *CODE*

Balasa: But ive said that before.

Speaks: Yes, and even with two avatars there is wrong ordering

Schlaefer: Eh, i’ve already given as much answer as anyone likely can give

Brumleve: It’s fine, if you don’t know how to solve it, why even try and get frustrated? :

Schlaefer: Ziggy_: i’ve already said how to solve it. are you trying to guilt us into putting up with you?

Raschilla: Here: http://prntscr.com/91rqp9

Agard: Schlaefer: your solution is for finite number of columns

Glanz: Oh i was thinking that wasa question lol

Skoczylas: And with solution i mean “here’s a couple of links”

Balasa: Can we try being respectful and friendly to everyone?

Schlaefer: Yeah, as i said, you’re not going to be able to do this with css. you’ll need a programming language

Balasa: Your attitude isn’t helping

Balasa: Knock it off, last time im going to say that

Schlaefer: After you attempted to either misgender us or tried to imply that being a woman should be an insult. that doesn’t sound sorry

Linnen: Let’s try another approach: http://jsfiddle.net/g4v63rnz/ — something like this just not vertical but horizontal

Schlaefer: 18:29:51 Schlaefer yeah, as i said, you’re not going to be able to do this with css. you’ll need a programming language

Plys: Ok, i’ve done this already, it can be done and now i’ve lost my mind trying to dig it up from history and searching again for hours

Schlaefer: I ***ure you, you haven’t. not with only css

Nuchols: Ok, i remember i used angular too, with ng-repeat and scroll-glue, but can’t remember how

Schlaefer: Angular is javascript. that’s not css.

Kempt: MY GOD! really? oh man, you just saved me, i spent like hours trying to figure out what this javascript thing is

Larmer: Now please! i beg you Schlaefer, don’t help me anymore, is there anyone else?

Archila: I can’t figure out why the h2 here doesn’t have an opacity of 1: http://jsfiddle.net/pwv5hmmq/

Balasa: Opacity can’t be “undone” on children element

Gorius: Yeah, inherited rules trump children’s rules, right?

Balasa: If an element has an opacity of less than 1, then all of its descendants will as well

Balasa: Campoy: its not inheritance here

Balasa: It’s just how opacity works

Balasa: It reduces the opacity of the entire element, which means all of the children as well

Karlgaard: Balasa: how can I get around this?

Balasa: Newyorkadam: if you’re looking to make the background semi-transparent, you probably want rgba background color

Mulliner: You could use background color instead?

Balasa: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/color_value#rgba

Manvel: The h2 is still .4 opacity as well

Devenuto: I lied again I had .4 opacity

Tassinari: Hi guys, does anyone know how to do a scrolling png sequence effect?

Pomarico: Meaning when as I scroll down a div, a image will keep changing from img001 to img002, 003, 004 to so on.

Balasa: Pickandmix: you’d need javascript for changing the image

Arvanitis: Pickandmix: unless you wanted to go with backgrounds, like http://codepen.io/Arvanitis/pen/apqlL

Hoag: Arvanitis: I’m using png images

Mungle: Arvanitis: I’m ***uming I should check on scroll position.

Keyon: How can i check of something has: checked=””

Kaldas: Div data-a-input-name=”olpCheckbox_new” cl***=”a-checkbox”labelinput type=”checkbox” name=”olpCheckbox_new” value=”” checked=””